Another 6 handed over improvements!

The work will not stop due to the epidemic and economic difficulties either, so we will end jobs and continuously develop Hungary

Another 6 handed over improvements!

Government window, kindergarten, nursery, school, church, zoo were renovated and handed over.

📌1. The Kiserdei Nursery was handed over to Dunakilitin

On the morning of October 25, the handover ceremony of the Kiserdei Nursery School, built with state support of HUF 175 million, took place in Dunakilitin. The event was attended by, among others, dr. The family of László Batthyány-Strattmann, dr. Minister of Agriculture István Nagy, Member of Parliament of the region and Sándor Széles, Government Commissioner, also honored him with his presence.
The new 24-seat institution was a gap-filling service in the life of the village, making the handover ceremony a real holiday for the village.
This was also emphasized by Minister István Nagy in his speech, who emphasized:
In two or three decades, the future of the settlement will be determined by the children who will grow up within the walls of this building. So it doesn’t matter what conditions we provide for them. Closely related to this is the life and example of László Batthyány-Strattmann, who is still a decisive figure in the life of Dunakiliti to this day. These funds all add to the celebration that we are inaugurating Dunakilitin Nursery today.

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📌2. The schools in Bácsalmás were renewed.

Member of Parliament Gábor Bányaiwritten by:
In the three member institutions of the Bácsalmás District Primary School, more than HUF 1 billion worth of development could be realized. The completed developments could be handed over by Dr. Zoltán Maruzsa, Secretary of State for Public Education, and Gabriella Hajnal, President of the Klebersberg Center. The electrical network and the heating system were renewed in the member institutions of Bácsalmás, the coverings were beautified, the water blocks and the gym were renovated. The interiors and facades of the buildings were painted, the doors and windows were replaced, new art and science classrooms, a library, accessibility and a record-breaking sports field were built. A new 460 square meter sports hall was also built in the yard of the Rákóczi street building.
We can all be proud of the completed development!
Thanks to the Government and the Klebersberg Center for their support and a lot of help in implementing the improvements!
The last 10 years have shown that the current government is committed to developing and modernizing education, creating a better environment for children!

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📌3. The EMMI workplace crèche has been handed over.

Emmike, the nursery at work, was handed over to the XIII. district
At the event, Csaba Latorcai, Secretary of State for Public Administration of the Ministry, emphasized that the nursery was a model project:
According to him, the government is expecting to set up as many crèches as possible in the workplace, and they want to support employers in this as well.
Emmi also wants to help her employees with her workplace crèche, he stressed, adding that “opening it has made a“ long-planned and cherished dream come true ”.
He announced the modernization of the building, which used to be a nursery and cared for twelve children after the renovation: the interiors were renovated in accordance with today's needs, the playground was tidied up, toys, equipment and tools were purchased, and permits were issued.
Ildikó Kovácsné Bárány, Ministerial Commissioner for Day Care for Young Children, said, emphasizing the importance of early childhood education, among others: more and more parents with small children will have access to nursery care.
He said the establishment of workplaces would also contribute to the government’s family policy goals.
He said that the new institution and the Family-Friendly Country Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. (CSBO) that will maintain it will provide assistance to those employers who need professional help to set up their workplace nursery. The state also provides support for its operation, the amount of which will increase more than seven times compared to 2017 - Ildikó Kovácsné Bárány indicated, adding that next year the government will also provide development funds for the establishment of workplaces.
In her greeting, Ágnes Szuromi-Kovács, the managing director of CSBO, hoped, among other things, that there would be more workplaces in Hungary and that the children wanted by their parents could be born.

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📌4. The steering window was handed over at the bottom of Érd

From October 28, the residents of Érd can do their business here close to their place of residence, and passers-by can go to work or on their way home. Customers will be met by clerks at eight work windows. The construction of the 264 sqm property was realized from EU and MÁV sources.
István György, State Secretary for Territorial Administration of the Prime Minister's Office, Tamás Nyiszter, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of MÁV Zrt., Richárd Tarnai, Pest County Government Commissioner, Péter Domokos, Viktória, head of the Érd District Office, and clerk Zita Konkoly are also.
Tamás Nyiszter, on behalf of MÁV Zrt., Explained at the event that a government window will now open at their 12th station, thanks to the launch of the Station Development and Integrated Customer Service Development Program in 2012. The essence of this is that MÁV should give a role to forgotten, long-unused buildings and parts of buildings. "The government window, as an extra railway service, also fits into the process of MÁV's renewal, the ultimate goal of which is to enable the railway company to perform its public service tasks at the highest possible level and to make rail and rail transport lovable with a wide range of services," deputy, who also added that the building was technically completed in Érd by the end of 2019, but the epidemic situation made it difficult to take it into real possession.


📌5. The Seven Sorrows Virgin Parish Church in Vál was renewed

On October 25, Antal Spányi, the county bishop of Székesfehérvár, blessed the renovated Church of the Virgin in Seven Sorrows with a festive Mass. As part of the liturgy, the chief pastor presented the sacrament of the Assumption to twenty-three young people.
In the greeting of the parish priest Zoltán Kovács, every church proclaims the glory of God, as well as the place and source of the renewal of the community. The imposing building, rich in treasures, is part of our cultural heritage, and it is an uplifting feeling that the mercenaries are now asking for the confirmation of the Holy Spirit in this beautiful sacred space.
In his speech, the county bishop Antal Spányi praised the external beauty of the church and drew attention to the importance of the internal content, as the strength and presence of the community make the church alive. The inner radiance comes from the soul.
Zoltán Tessely, Member of Parliament and Prime Minister, delivered a speech at the ceremony. He emphasized that Hungary needs to work, there are many tasks, but there is a need for such occasions when we can recharge, from which we draw strength. He also talked about the fact that value saving is the norm in Hungary today, and the government has also committed itself to it, which is why churches, schools and community spaces are being renewed.
The externally completely renovated two-hundred-year-old Catholic church has also been partially renovated from the inside. One of the outstanding examples of Hungarian classicism, the building is one of the largest churches in the Diocese of Székesfehérvár. Its capacity exceeds the needs of the parish of Valais, but represents a serious architectural and cultural-historical value.
As part of the investment, the facade was restored on more than 6,000 square meters, and more than a thousand square meters were insulated. Of the gross cost of the church renovation of about 600 million forints, 500 million was government support, the rest was provided by the diocese.


📌6. The Veszprém Zoo has been renovated.

Porga Gyulawritten by:
The Veszprém Zoo, as the largest tourist attraction in the city and in the region, has been further expanded, built and beautified.
Funding from the Modern Cities Program:
- a new training house was built
- the new camel runway was built and the old camel runway was reconstructed
the house of jellyfish was built
- the economic yard was established
It was built with additional European Union funding
- the office building,
- the children's favorite, the Africa-Savannah Adventure Playground
- the lion's house and catwalk were built
- The house of the bears and the catwalk are completed
- several showrooms were built
- the savannah pier and the lake have also been reconstructed
The game park offers a high-quality, high-quality program for the whole family.

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