This is how Dobrev insults the Hungarians!

🔴🔴🔴Video! The oligarch Gyurcsány was offended by millions of Hungarians!
If you do manual work, then in the eyes of Mrs. Gyurcsány you are just a cheap, silly, vulnerable, uneducated, sick, uncompetitive worker.
We literally quote the anti-Hungarian politician: "A country based on the manual labor of cheap, vulnerable, uneducated workers is not competitive. We need smart, healthy and balanced people."
According to them, those who do manual work are not smart, i.e. stupid, are not healthy, i.e. sick, but not even balanced.
Shame! Mrs. Gyurcsány offended carpenters, bricklayers, shop assistants, car drivers, everyone who carries out productive activities in Hungary, everyone thanks to whom we have a place to live, we have something to eat, we have something to pick up, we have infrastructure, we have electricity, it is going on. tap water, everyone who does non-spiritual activities!

If you also do manual work, pass on this message! All sane people are aware that we don’t live well with communications and marketing degrees. It should be, but the economy is not based on it.

How would the left undermine manual workers if they came to power? Would I take the tax breaks from them? Could they stop development so that construction workers don’t have jobs? What would they do with what they think are cheap, vulnerable, uneducated, sick, uncompetitive workers?


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