The country has been developing for 10 years, it is sad that many do not want to notice this

Here are the next 6 delivered, realized, and people-owned developments

The country has been developing for 10 years, it is sad that many do not want to notice this

📌The previous ones are summarized in one video:

📌1. Health development and renewed market in Bácsbokod!

Róbert Zsigó wrote:
The market in Bácsbokod was renewed with more than HUF 46 million in tender support. As a result of the implementation, a modern, paved, covered local market has been created in the settlement, which ensures the supply of healthy, high-quality food to the population, facilitates market access for local producers and supports the use of local raw materials. Following the previous renovation of the doctor's office, this time new equipment necessary for the patient's care of the settlement was also procured, from a total of HUF 3 million. Thanks to the development, the health care of the settlement has become safer and more modern.
We will continue to work to implement the future plans of the village together!


📌2. The headquarters of the Gyula Fényi Gyula Primary School was handed over

In this government cycle, HUF 350 billion of infrastructure development will be implemented in public education institutions, said the State Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources responsible for public education at the handover ceremony of the headquarters of the Kalocsa Fényi Gyula Primary School on Thursday.
Zoltán Maruzsa said that 940 projects had been launched, 532 of them had already been completed, and one of them was the development in Kalocsa, for which HUF 553 million of EU funds were used.
The Secretary of State reminded that HUF 124.7 billion is allocated to infrastructure development in EU programs, which means 623 projects.
Sixty-six billion forints of gymnasiums, classrooms and swimming pools can be built from Hungarian sources, which means 199 projects, 74 out of 22 billion forints support energy renovations in the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Program, 19 out of 52.7 billion forints in public education projects, 19 there will be complex school development out of 80 billion, covering 25 projects.
Zoltán Maruzsa announced that the headquarters of the Kalocsa Fényi Gyula Primary School was developed by the Baja Tank District Center with HUF 553 million EU support: the institution was expanded with a floor extension, new furniture room was renovated.


📌3. A nearly 3 km long cycle path was handed over.

Member of Parliament Gábor Bányai wrote:
It is almost a year since the settlement cycle path was completed in Kunfehértó from the Settlement Development Operational Program, which connects the settlement at 2,771 meters from the railway crossing to the resort village. The cycle path, built with an investment of HUF 143 million, required a lot of patience from the people of Fehértó, as it was necessary to relocate utilities and build a stormwater drainage system in several places. At the handover, which was postponed due to the epidemic situation, the Municipality of Kunfehértó also came as a surprise, as those who took part in the event and then wandered from the resort village to the sports hall took part in a raffle, the prize of which was a new bicycle.
Congratulations on your development! Use a bike path that is healthy and safe!


📌4. The market place of Újszilvás has been renewed

With the support of the Rural Development Program, the development of the Market Square in Újszilvás was implemented as a result of an investment of HUF 54 million. The renovated facility was handed over on October 22nd. Thanks to the tender, the building was insulated, provided with new doors and windows, completely mechanically renovated, expanded and a canopy was built.
The market place of Újszilvás was expanded and made accessible, and roads and sidewalks were parked in its surroundings. The municipality won money for development through the government’s Rural Development Program. With an investment of 54 million, even more local producers will have the opportunity to sell under cultured conditions.
Below you can see the coverage of Cegléd Television and the picture report of about the event:

Source, pictures, video:

📌5. The Érd City Park, completed with the work of the previous city management, was opened.

wrote on
Stubborn did not want the people of Érd to know about it, he did not even organize a solemn handover, he would have kept it a secret because he hated it, because he did not do it for him, he only hindered it by all deceitful means.
However, András T. Mészáros and Károly Simó, the dreamers of the City Park in Érd, today symbolically opened the playground for the people of Érd, which was kept closed for a year by the Csőzik. As the word spreads faster and faster, more and more families are taking possession of this wonderful place.
Greetings from András T. Mészáros:


📌6. In Celldömölk, the Dawn Star Lutheran Kindergarten was expanded and renewed.

With the aesthetic building, the whole city prospered. Thanks to the people who work there for their determination to do it for the children!
Thanks to a winning church competition, the Lutheran kindergarten in Celldömölk can accommodate more children with a group than before after the institution was expanded. We were there for the handover.
A Thanksgiving ceremony was held on Thursday morning on the occasion of the completion of the expansion at the Dawn Star Lutheran Kindergarten, allowing them to move from a two-group nursery to a three-group nursery. The ceremony began with a service in the Reformed church next to the kindergarten, where the word was preached by János Szemerei, bishop of the Western (Transdanubian) Lutheran diocese, who also consecrated the extended building.
In his speech following the program of worship and kindergarten, Péter Ágh, Member of Parliament, emphasized that it is good to see that state, municipal and church-run children's and health care institutions are being renewed throughout the county. The MP added that it is true for all ecclesiastical transfers if a given institution is reborn, it enriches not only the denomination concerned, but the entire city. In closing, he wished the kindergarten teachers present to take care of the children entrusted to them with the same heart as they had done so far.



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