Bloody commemoration of peaceful commemoration in 2006 and handling of anti-government protest today

Have you seen a police officer with a stick, a dog, a viper and no identification marks today? Equestrian cops? Water cannons? Dog cops? Anyone shouted today, "Hedgehog!"

We didn't see it either! On stage, however, those present lied that there was a dictatorship, and they swallowed the many nonsense with their mouths open.

The left is ashamed that, despite an epidemic, such demonstrations are being organized, with thousands of people being infected every day and dozens of people dying.

You will never fail Orban! The majority of Hungarians understand that these gossiping are nothing more than the means of Gyurcsány's immeasurable desire for power. It doesn’t matter to them if someone dies, it doesn’t matter if the pressure on the health care system increases due to more infections, they just need one thing: they want to grab power and wheel our common money, as they did before 2010. The people taking part in the demonstration are just consumables for them.

This should be noted by everyone who sincerely believes that they will live better under Gyurcsány's rule. For those under the age of 20, this is forgivable, as they were still children before 2010, people over the age of 20 who would pull X next to Gyurcsány's name today are simply not normal!
Watch this video! Is that what you want?

We do not.

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