New developments! Pass it on to the "stadiums"!

New developments!  Pass it on to the "stadiums"!

With our previous article, we whipped up the tempers
What happened was that a stadium would be built in Pécs. 444 and the index editorial staff expose the black flag.

We recommend this video to all "stadiums". In 7.5 minutes, we show you how much everything was built, where we started, and where we are going now.

Let's see today's list!

📌1. The Lake Balaton area was enriched with expressways

The section of the M76 motorway between Balatonszentgyörgy and the M7 motorway was handed over. The line was realized in a 2x2 lane for almost 6 kilometers - it was revealed at the on - site ceremonial handover.
The investment of nearly 22 billion HUF was realized by Strabag, by NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. And by UVATERV Út- és Vasútterező Zrt.
The project also created:
1 roundabout at the Holládi junction of the M7 motorway, with pedestrian and bicycle passage,
an up and down branch at the Brickyard junction,
as well as the renewal of the intersection of the Balatonszentgyörgy junction and the 7501 road with the connection to the 76 main road.

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📌2. Möbelix - Mömax Logistics Hall is being built in Nagytarcsa. New jobs, tax forints, and opportunities for the construction industry.
(We wrote about another 24 similar job creation projects in this article

Work is progressing well in Nagytarcsa, on the construction of the Möbelix - Mömax Logistics Hall. The exterior sandwich panel covering of the building has been completed, and the insulation of the roof is almost 100% ready. Internal electrical, mechanical and sprinkler work is in progress, and the monolithic reinforced concrete structures of the large freight elevators have also been completed. Currently, the construction of the upstairs industrial floor is underway, of which 7,500 m2 has already been completed. In this work process, our staff pours 1,200 m2 of floor upstairs daily.
In addition to the internal works, the construction of the external utility and the preparation of the road construction are also in full swing. The on-site soil and groundwater conditions were not ideal, which is why it was necessary to build a deep seepage at a depth of 6 meters under the hall and the external pavements.
The images in the gallery show the current workflows.


📌3. A plant manufacturing medical masks was handed over in Borsod

After the renovation of the hall in poor condition, a production line capable of producing 15,000 masks a day was added to the factory unit.
The Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county unit in Abaújszántó, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, which will be handed over on Wednesday, will produce 15,000 health masks a day. The investment, together with the production lines, cost HUF 100 million, and the plant mainly employs people with disabilities.
Thanks to the investment, a previously very poor hall was renovated at the site, in which a line of mask masks was installed.
The first 150,000 masks manufactured here are offered to social institutions in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County.
Attila Fülöp, Secretary of State for Social Affairs at the Ministry of Human Resources, said at the handover of the plant: the Handicraft ERFO-Főkefe Group also employs thousands of people with disabilities across the country. He also added that more than 4.5 million people work in the economy in Hungary, 150,000 of them with disabilities.
The Abaújszántó complex, together with the now handed over plant, employs 117 people, 77 of whom have altered working capacity.


📌4. The renovated beach bath and sports center in Szolnok has been completed

During the development of the athletics center, a track cover of 7,300 square meters was created, and the pools were equipped with water circulating equipment at the spa.
The renewed Véső út athletic center and beach bath were handed over in Szolnok on Wednesday. The beach bath was modernized from the gross HUF 1.9 billion awarded in the Modern Cities Program, and the development of the athletics center took place with the support of the Hungarian state for HUF 1.7 billion.
During the modernization of the 1.3-hectare beach (the former MÁV beach), the pools were preserved in their original size, but they were equipped with water circulating equipment and a thermal pool with medicinal water was also renovated.
The thermal well produces water at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius from a depth of more than 1,000 meters, thus heating the thermal water.
The comfort of guests is ensured by a new, modern changing building on more than 450 square meters, in addition to which the machinery has been renovated. There are 8,000 square meters of green space in the area of ​​the beach, 40 trees were planted during the investment. The spa can be visited by 788 people in summer and 347 people in winter.
According to the information on the sports centre's website, the beach, which opens on Friday, has a 50-meter indoor swimming pool and an outdoor thermal pool during the winter season.
The renewed sports center provides exercise for more sports
During the investment of the athletics center, a track cover of 7,300 square meters was completed with eight running tracks and four long jump pits were built. The weightlifting, hammer throwing, and disc throwing departments also meet international standards.
The new main building has a floor area of ​​nearly 1,000 square meters, the gross floor area of ​​the covered stands is 570 square meters and can accommodate 512 spectators.
On the ground floor of 300 square meters there are, among other things, four changing rooms and a barrier-free block. Upstairs, on 300 square feet, two coaching offices were set up, along with a shower. As part of the project, a meeting room and a technical room for judges, used during the competitions, a technical room, social blocks, a kitchenette and four changing rooms were also established.
The floor area of ​​the running corridor remained: 102 meters long and 12 meters wide. The eight-lane running corridor was paved with a completely new record by creating long-distance and triple-jumping places.

A complete part of the city was reborn in Szolnok
It was stated at the handover that the Véső út and its area in Szolnok were renewed during a complex urban rehabilitation program, including the modernization of the athletics center and the beach bath, as well as the B. Nagy Pál Sports Hall, which was handed over last September.
The project, which affects a part of the city with a population of about 12,000, includes sewer investment, the construction of a stormwater drainage system, the modernization of the public lighting system, the launch of a new bus service, the renovation of the road network, the construction of car parks and trees from the Regional Development Program.

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📌5. The first train has started: the renovated southern section of the M3 metro has been handed over. Thank you, Mr Tarlós.

During the renovation, the stations were given a clean and modern visual world and became more comfortable. At the four stations, 7,200 square feet of new wall coverings were made and 6,700 square feet of walking space was renewed. The passenger compartment of the stations has been completely renovated, a unified passenger information system has been built, modern lighting is provided by 1563 new LED luminaires and 364 new speakers have been installed. 225 cameras have been installed in the passenger compartments to increase safety.
At the same time, the tunnel spaces, the railway network, the railway and safety equipment, the information elements and the electronic network of the metro line have been renewed. They are still working on full accessibility.
The stations have a fire protection system in accordance with the latest regulations, as well as modern ventilation, heat and smoke extraction systems. In addition to the passenger compartments, the factory areas were also renewed. The length of the new power cables to supply the electrical equipment will reach 355 kilometers.
Work is already underway at the stations in the middle section
After the handover, the metro will run on the entire line

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📌6. The Gárdony primary school in Székesfehérvár was renewed.

The multi-year process ended on Wednesday with the handover ceremony of the renovated building of the Géza Gárdonyi Primary School. Thanks to a large-scale development, the doors and windows could be replaced, and the institution was given thermal insulation, among other things.
Gárdonyi Géza Primary School currently accepts 330 students every day at the school, but a few years ago almost a hundred fewer people came here. The popularity of the area was also favorable for the school, but the building was well suited for renovation, said Zoltán Tessely, Member of Parliament, at the handover held at the school on Wednesday, celebrating a completed renovation.
"The building struggled with a lot of problems, especially the condition of the doors and windows was critical," Director Zoltán Lábodi also told Fejér County Newspaper. With the support of the Székesfehérvár tank district, the school submitted an application in 2017, and the good news arrived: it became the winner of a HUF 150 million 100% subsidized tender - Szabolcs Török, the district district director and Mayor István Tóth also recalled the joy at the ceremony.
Construction could begin in September last year, and the renovation took place in parallel with the teaching. The exterior doors and windows have been completely replaced, ie 166 doors and windows have been replaced by the contractors. At the same time, an external thermal insulation was carried out, during which sixteen centimeters of insulation was added to the building, which also greatly improves the energy performance.

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