The left does not like the ruined Radetzky barracks being renewed

The left does not like the ruined Radetzky barracks being renewed

Symbolic building: The Gyurcsánys sold this public property and then went homeless for years, now the owner would develop it, but someone really doesn't want to!
He hit it: once again, the left is in the way of development. This development is also a victim of their own struggles for power, after the October elections, several rural cities and Budapest, if they come to power, will take the whole country hostage .... Let's not leave!

Planned balliberal damage is taking place, for two main reasons if we now disregard the incompetence: 1. theft of money for the 2022 election (Budapest); 2. to cause as much economic decline as possible, they themselves have stated ui. That Orban can only be replaced if there is an economic downturn.

A II. the issue of renovating the Radetzky barracks on Bem Square could also escalate into a war within the left leadership of the district. While the local Momentum is strongly opposed to the renovation of the completely dilapidated building, Gergely Őrsi, the mayor of MSZP, has repeatedly assured the project of his support. Incidentally, the building of the former MDF headquarters was transferred by the Gyurcsány government to a company that was later liquidated. With this, the left-wing government already announced 14 years ago that the Radetzky Barracks did not represent a serious value. By the way, Gyurcsány will be able to put an end to the discussion of left-wing forces that do not have an independent character, as has happened in several similar cases in recent months.

To get an accurate understanding of the situation around the Radetzky Barracks on Bem Square, we have to go back in time to 2006, the developer explained to Origo in connection with the fact that in recent weeks the II. district Momentum has launched an action against the renovation. The head of the company recalled that in 2006 this property was exchanged for another property by the Gyurcsány government (one of the allies of Momentum is currently the Gyurcsány-led DK both in the district and nationwide). Here it is important to mention that the state received in exchange a property of smaller size and value than that represented by the Bem Square building complex. It is important to note that the then left-wing government was letting this know that the Radetzky Barracks did not represent a serious value.

Interesting bankruptcy

In 2007, the company that exchanged the property on Bem Square was liquidated. However, even before the bankruptcy, the Radetzky barracks were sold to Unicredit Bank. The leasing company Unicredit Bank has planned a major investment here, but nothing has become of it since the 2008 global economic crisis. Subsequently, the Slovak HB Reavis bought it together with a valid building permit and started demolition in 2017. Importantly, they were demolished in the original buildings within a few days of demolition and restoring it is now an unrealistic request, it can’t be done, it would cost pointless and cost hundreds of millions. In 2017, due to protests by neighboring residents over the demolition, the Prime Minister granted protection to the building, trying to block the situation.
The valuable facade is preserved

The developer said that after several negotiations, the Slovak company announced the property and bought it after a detailed analysis. After lengthy negotiations, we have come to the conclusion that the former MDF headquarters will be preserved in size, the façade will be preserved, but the building will have a completely new structure, which can be used and filled with function. The head of the company recalled that
before and after the 2019 municipal elections, they were constantly consulted, and then with the left-wing leadership set up under the leadership of Gergely Őrsi, and basically they also agreed with the plans and did not try to push it. The main goal is to preserve the facade of the building and behind the original Bem Square building a crowd is being built and backwards a new building.

Momentum had no meaningful suggestions

The coronavirus epidemic transformed the situation to the extent that the government declared the project a priority investment, thus removing it from the district’s jurisdiction, and from then on, local Momentum attacks began. The opposition formation has not made any substantive proposals in the recent period on how to remodel the building, which is in very poor condition and does not represent serious value, except for the facade of Bem Square. There was a vague indication that a museum should be established, but no concept was presented in this regard, the developer said. It is important to emphasize that the mayor of the MSZP still basically likes the transformation, as long as the interests of the residents of the area are not harmed, and thus he seems to be in serious conflict with his coalition partner as well.
Gyurcsany will decide in the end

The local conflict between the MSZP and the Momentum is certainly just an appearance, as the final word in these matters will be given by Ferenc Gyurcsány, the real leader of the left. As neither the MSZP nor the Momentum are in a position to pursue an independent policy, the debate over the renovation of the barracks will also be only temporary. It is memorable that in Göd, Gyurcsány finally made a point at the end of the debates.

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