Country building then and now: Video!

We present reality with pictures in 7.5 minutes

Detailed articles on each of the statements, investments, and numbers in the video have been published previously and can be found one by one at our website.
Now, in short words and with a picture of hundreds of completed or ongoing developments, let us explain why we support Fidesz. This is obviously only a fraction of what was built in 10 years, we can’t condense everything into 7.5 minutes, and that wasn’t our goal.

The video includes roads, doctor's offices, playgrounds, kindergartens, nurseries, schools, hospitals, public spaces, new jobs, railroads, armies, ambulances, police, fire departments, historic buildings, and much more!

Take 7.5 minutes, check it out, pass it on and like our site!
We will present a lot of similar data, numbers and developments.
Instead of lying "stadium" for 10 years, the reality is spreading!
The index, telex, 444, hvg, 168h, yardstick, transparent, and other livelihood fake news producers will NEVER present reality.

🇭🇺Go Hungary!
🇭🇺Hungarians go for it!
🇭🇺Come on Fidesz!
We will win, not participate!

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