With new developments, we refute the false news

("Fidesz steals everything, they don't do anything, they just build a stadium", etc.)

With new developments, we refute the false news

Let's see the reality. This article is about a renewed road, an Agricultural Training Center and tractor handover, a new school, a doctor’s office, a new lookout, and a renovated town hall.

📌1. The side road network of Fejér county is further developing.
Another section of the connecting road 8126 was renewed in the construction of EuroAszfal, SWIETELSKY and Soltút.
(This is NOT a Butcher now. Note!)
The 4.5-kilometer section of the Söréd-Csákvár-Bicske connecting road was handed over. In 2018, Magyar Közút launched the complete renovation of more than 526 kilometers of roads nationwide within the framework of the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program, which also covered the cost of the current investment. Its total value is approximately HUF 437 million.
During the project, a complete renovation of the road surface was carried out, as well as interventions to improve traffic safety on the section. As a new facility, basalt concrete-paved bus bays were built on the outskirts of the 14,711-14,815-kilometer sections in place of the existing bus stops. Furthermore, a traffic-suppressing island was established at the end of Csákvár towards Zámoly, and the previously planned pedestrian crossing was completed at Bokréta Street. The renovation was completed much earlier than the set deadline - according to the announcement of Magyar Közút.

Source, more pictures:https://magyarepitok.hu/utepites/2020/10/tovabb-fejlodik-fejer-megye-mellekuthalozata Hungarian Builders
https://www.facebook.com/torogabor1962/posts/2637525629894781 Gábor Törő

📌2. The central building of the Great Plain Agricultural Vocational Training Center has been handed over and 24 new tractors are being bought for educational institutions. (With video!)

According to Minister István Nagy, high-quality agricultural vocational training means the future of the nation. István Nagy emphasized at the handover of the central building of the Alföld Agricultural Vocational Training Center, it is necessary to make the agricultural professions more attractive again and to strengthen the training network, drawing the attention of young people facing career choices to the opportunities in agriculture.
The most important goal of the ministry is to strengthen the prestige of agricultural professions, to increase the number of trained farmers and food industry professionals, he stated, adding that only the transfer of modern agricultural knowledge can ensure that the next generations thrive locally.
István Nagy announced that in the new school year, the 56 vocational training institutions maintained by the ministry started education in five centers.
The politician put it this way, fortunately there is no shortage of instructors, and from July 1, they have been able to practice their profession for an increased salary under the Labor Code, as well as several previous benefits, such as entitlement to the anniversary bonus and travel allowance. The Minister is confident that higher pay and more flexible employment rules will make agricultural vocational training attractive to highly educated teachers.
With the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, 24 schools can acquire a new tractor that fully meets today's technological requirements. Thanks to the new power machines, students can strengthen their digital competencies and acquire the expertise required by the labor market, which can be applied immediately in practice - István Nagy informed.


📌3. The newly built, 200-square-meter building of the Áron Szilády Reformed Grammar School in Kiskunhalas was handed over.

Member of Parliament Gábor Bányaiwrote: We handed over the newly built, 200-square-meter building of the Áron Szilády Reformed Grammar School, next to the previously built laboratory building, where changing rooms and washrooms were located on the ground floor, and a drama room was set up on the first floor. The investment was made by the institution on its own initiative, which was already increasingly needed by the 580 students.
Congratulations to the church for making the institution and the education in it better, thus enriching the City of Kiskunhalas!


📌4. The new pride of the settlement, the Újhegy lookout tower, will soon be solemnly handed over in Pusztaszentlászló! An earlier article reports on the tourism development of the settlement: Pusztaszentlászló - lookout tower above the village, reopened bath, floating bridge on the fishing lake


📌5. They have finished the works of the last period in Tiszakeszi!

Written by András Tállai
Approximately HUF 53.9 million of TOP and municipal funding was provided to the doctor's office
The funeral home of the settlement underwent renovation from the support received from the nearly HUF 25 million Hungarian village program and from municipal funds
Locals can enjoy HUF 5.3 million Hungarian village program support spent on the Cultural Center and local government self-sufficiency
The Hungarian Village Program provided HUF 2 million for the purchase of kindergarten toys
Come on Tiszakeszi! Hajrá South Borsod!


📌6.? The village hall and the doctor's office in Ebergőc were renewed

Attila Barczawritten by
Ebergőc in full swing! Thanks to the Hungarian Village Program, the village hall in the settlement was renewed for 26 million forints, which has several functions. In the municipal building there is not only the mayor's office, but also a doctor's office and a community space. In addition, the statue of the patron saint of the village, Prince St. Imre, was blessed in the central square.
It is gratifying that the settlements of our region are constantly developing, let's continue together!



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