Overhead reduction in DK

Overhead reduction in DK

🔴1. Before 2010, Gyurcsány doubled the price of electricity for the population, his own company bought electricity at a discount. While people had to choose between buying fruit for the child or paying the electricity bill, billionaire Gyurcsány had access to electricity much cheaper for his own company called Motim. All this was, of course, possible at the cost of political pressure.

Details:📌 https://mandiner.hu/cikk/20200623_a_fidesz_gyurcsany_rezsibloffjerol_beszel

🔴2. Gyurcsánys sold public utilities, gas storage facilities, power plants (eg Mátra too!) By robbery privatization, and they simply used up the money. It took Hungary almost a decade to recover the wasted strategic companies.
📌2011: the state repurchases Mol's 21.22 percent stake from Surgutnyeftyegas (HUF 500 billion)
📌2012: the capital's local government buys back 25 percent of the shares of Fővárosi Vízművek (with management rights) from RWE and Suez (HUF 15.3 billion)
📌2013: MVM acquires E.ON Földgáztrade, E.ON Storage and Panrusgaz, natural gas storage and wholesale companies from E.On (HUF 260-280 billion)
📌2013: MFB acquires 51 percent of the safety gas storage company MMBF Földgáztároló Zrt. From Mol (HUF 140 billion) HUF 19.9 billion)
📌2014: MVM purchases 49.83 percent of Főgáz from RWE (HUF 41 billion), then in the same year, now ENKSZ Első Nemzeti Közműszolgáltató Zrt. Took over another 49.83 percent of Főgáz from the Budapest Municipality.
📌2014: the local government of Székesfehérvár acquires 49 percent of the liquidated Székesfehérvár Heating Power Plant previously owned by mega-investors from Nemzeti Reorganizációs Nonprofit Kft. (HUF 2.75 billion)
📌February-July 2014: MET first acquires 24.5 and then 74.8 percent stake in Dunamenti Power Plant from Engie
📌September 2015: Főgáz, already a member of the national utility company, acquires 99.93 percent (HUF 5 billion) of the universal service and competitive market licensee GDF SUEZ Energia Magyarország Zrt.
📌2015-2016: after Magyar Telekom, E.On Energiaszolgáltató Kft. And Tigáz returned their retail gas supply licenses, Főgáz / NKM took their place
📌2016-2017: the national utility company buys the electricity supplier EDF Démász from EDF (HUF 121 billion)
📌October 2017: NKM Nemzeti Közművek Zrt. Acquires Égáz-Dégáz Földgázelosztó Zrt. From Engie (HUF 64 billion - HUF 90 billion)
📌2017-2018: OPUS originally planned to have a majority stake in the Budapest Power Plant with the Czech EPH, and then alone will acquire 72 percent of the Mátra Power Plant from RWE (51%) and EnBW (21%) (40 billion forint)
📌2017-2018: MET Group acquires 98.99 percent of Tigáz Zrt. (Natural gas distributor) from ENI

🔴3. Did you think power theft was a thing of the past?
You are wrong! This is the present in Elizabeth City

Overhead reduction in DK mode. The "most European party" steals electricity from the municipal building.
Calling the formations that frighten the Hungarians, Niedermüller must leave, as this could only have happened with his knowledge!

📌Call of István Szakács:https://www.facebook.com/109502963090733/videos/636883653640434
📌Niedermüller's explanation. (Maybe tell him your opinions if you're not already blocked like we are)

In a multinational, if such a case were to emerge, the entire axis would fly: the one who committed it, its boss, its boss, all the way to the executive. A leader MUST KNOW what is happening in the organization he or she manages.

They lied that Budapest belongs to everyone - it turns out that Budapest belongs exclusively to the buddies who, abusing people's trust, stuff their own pockets instead of serving the public good.

A police action took place in the municipality of Erzsébetváros led by Péter Niedermüller, they are being investigated for power theft, a DK representative also resigned

A police action took place at the Erzsébetváros municipality led by Péter Niedermüller. For the time being, the police have confirmed that they have actually withdrawn and carried out a procedural act or are investigating theft. Tamás Borka-Szász from DK, who may be involved in the case, resigned from his mandate as a municipal representative and resigned from DK, the newspaper writes.

It is known that several IT equipment was seized during the police operation in the office of Tamás Borka-Szász, the representative of the Democratic Coalition in Erzsébetváros. In the investigation against a hitherto unknown perpetrator, cryptocurrency mining may have emerged, which in itself is not a crime. However, it is worth noting that cryptographic mining machines can be extremely expensive to buy, they are usually ordered from China, and are usually available for between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000.

Cryptographic mining machines become extremely hot and can be accident-prone if not used properly. In addition, they consume a lot of electricity. Police have stated that the National Investigation Bureau of the Standby Police is investigating an unknown perpetrator on suspicion of theft (the PS knows that it is power theft). During the investigation, the police officers carried out a procedural act in the VII. District in the building of Erzsébetváros Municipality. In the interests of the investigation, the police will not provide further information about the procedure.

The paper also interviewed a cryptocurrency expert who said the tool is likely to be ethereum mining, priced in the order of $ 5,000- $ 7,000, but also pointed out that it is stored in an amateur, long-used wooden frame structure, which carries an extreme fire hazard. . The machines used in this way have a very strong heat output; it is not inconceivable that the wooden frame suffers from self-ignition in some cases.

Meanwhile, DK acknowledged the police action in a statement sent to Index, and then it was written that Tamás Borka-Szász, DK VII. may be a district municipal representative. As a result of the events, Tamás Borka-Szász immediately resigned his mandate as a local government representative and left the DK.

As Tamás Borka-Szász won in an individual district in 2019, an by-election will be held in the 4th constituency of Erzsébetváros.


📌Niedermüller did not start today:
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