Civilians and the Government, facts against lies

Civilians and the Government, facts against lies

For a decade, the left-liberal false news propaganda machine has lied to the government (but especially "on the zorbán!") Being anti-civilians, envisioning some kind of fighting, making completely baseless and meaningless accusations in this area (also)

The reality, on the other hand, is that you have never received as much money to support NGOs as you have in recent years. NGOs receive HUF 350-400 billion a year in support, while there are 60,000 such organizations in Hungary. If we divide these two numbers, it means that on average, one non-governmental organization receives HUF 6.6 million in state support per year. 15-20 thousand people tend to apply, ie roughly 20 million forints per NGO per year.

Recent news: Almost 1,600 non-governmental organizations won funding from the Rural Civil Fund operating within the Hungarian Village Program in the total amount of HUF 5 billion, the government commissioner responsible for the development of modern settlements announced on Friday in Budapest.

At a press conference, Alpár Gyopáros recalled that this year the range of beneficiaries of the program was expanded with non-governmental organizations operating in settlements with less than 5,000 inhabitants, for which a tender was issued in the spring.
According to his information, the organizations concerned could choose to apply for up to HUF 6 million for real estate development, up to HUF 5 million for the purchase of a car, up to HUF 2 million for the purchase of other equipment, or for the implementation of programs and events for up to HUF 2 million.

The government is supporting the winning applications of 1,572 non-governmental organizations operating in small settlements in the amount of five billion forints, the government commissioner said.
As he pointed out, every second settlement has a winning NGO.

So much for anti-civilianism. The government does not dictate, intervene or limit what these organizations deal with. If they want to propagate field pockets, they can also do so, if they politicize, then nothing is forbidden in Hungary today. This will remain the case, and no liberal dictatorship will shut the mouths of Hungarians, either before or after 2022.


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