Hungary has been enriched with new developments!

Hungary has been enriched with new developments!

In the picture: School, village bus, house of culture, new jobs, new nursery, training center were realized and handed over. For the readers of 444, the index, telex, hvg and other fake news factories, there are 6 stadiums. Let's see the details.

📌1. The primary school in Bácsbokod was modernized with HUF 340 million support

Róbert Zsigówritten by:
Another significant school development in the area!
The primary school in Bácsbokod was modernized with a subsidy of about 340 million forints. The institution's building has been extensively refurbished, with a record-breaking sports court and fitness park in its courtyard, as well as a number of new teaching aids and furniture. Development, through the creation of a modern educational environment, makes it possible to improve the standard of education and enable students and teachers to carry out their tasks in appropriate conditions.
Thank you to everyone who helped make the investment a reality!


📌2. Another village bus was handed over.

Member of Parliament Simon Miklóswrote: Value creation in Nyírség: A new village bus has arrived in Nyírpilis
Thanks to the successful tender of the Hungarian Village Program in 2019, a new village and farm caretaker bus was procured for the Municipality of Nyírpilis.
Congratulations Nyírpilis!


📌3. Laying the foundation stone of the new production line of Béres Pharmaceuticals in Szolnok. The new plant will also create 69 new jobs in the area.

Mihály Varga: Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. expands with an investment of more than HUF 6 billion in Szolnok

Mihály Varga explained that he won a non-refundable state subsidy of HUF 3 billion for the investment in the Large Enterprise Investment Support Program of the Ministry of Finance. He added that the company will create 69 jobs thanks to the investment and can achieve up to 100 percent performance gains in some work processes.
So far, the government has supported domestic enterprises with more than HUF 500 billion through investment programs - he reminded and emphasized that it is in Hungary's interest for investments to continue from both the state and entrepreneurial side, which will protect jobs and create the basis for economic growth. The epidemic has affected the world economy in a fragile state, but Hungary's situation is more favorable than that of other European states in several respects, the minister said. Hungary has a strong economic base, so economic protection measures have been able to alleviate the difficulties of the first wave, he explained, adding: Hungary still has an excellent investment rate. In the second quarter of this year, the indicator was 27.6 percent, which is strong at both EU and regional levels. It reflects the fact that the actors of the Hungarian economy still have confidence in the future, dare and are able to invest, he added. Accordingly, the government places great emphasis on encouraging developments, which is why the Economic Protection Operational Tribe also discussed the acceleration and support of investments on Tuesday, which allocated new resources from the budget for this purpose, Mihály Varga reminded.
According to the Minister of Finance, the repeated development of Béres shows that the company has found a home in Szolnok. József Béres, President of Béres Pharmaceuticals, said that the investment was necessitated by the growing market demand for Béres products. The Béres Pharmaceuticals will increase its factory area by 2050 square meters by installing state-of-the-art technology, renewing the production of its flagship product, Béres Csepp, with a robot technology production line, and purchasing the company's production and laboratory equipment, expanding its storage capacity and developing its infrastructure, he said. They have about 150 products on the market, many of them market leaders, and with the current investment they will create the opportunity to meet the market needs of their products in the long term, safely, he said. He also noted that the main market is Hungary, but with this development they will create a secure production background for their rapidly expanding export market activity.
József Béres also spoke about the fact that since the establishment of Béres Részvénytársaság in 1989, as a result of its continuous developments, it has become the largest Hungarian-owned pharmaceutical factory in Hungary. With a market share of 37 percent, the company is the market leader in the market of disease prevention and health care products, Béres Csepp is the best-known immune-boosting product in the country. Since 1995, the company has spent more than HUF 15 billion on real estate development, the purchase of machinery and equipment at its Szolnok site. The number of people employed there has risen from the initial 64 to 379, making Béres the tenth largest private employer in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county. Ferenc Szalay, Mayor of Szolnok (Fidesz-KDNP) said: the Béres strategy is related to the basic strategy of the city: a healthy lifestyle and education for it. Education in the city is of a high standard, more than a year of cooperation with the University of Debrecen, it is planned to start health training in Szolnok in September 2021, which will also help the company to secure its workforce. Ferenc Szalay also pointed out that the unemployment rate in Szolnok is around 6 percent, in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county it is about 6-8 percent, a significant part of the jobs have been preserved in the city and the county. The cornerstone of the new building was laid by Minister of Finance Mihály Varga and József Béres, President of Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


📌4. The media literacy training center in Sopron was handed over (with video)

The National Media and Communications Authority was the first to establish a media literacy training center in Budapest and then in Debrecen under the name of Bűvösvölgy, which was joined on 15 October by the facility handed over in Kossuth Lajos Street in Sopron. The task of the center is to teach Hungarian children how to use the media more consciously and safely. Today, young people can choose not only from two TV channels and sizzling radio broadcasts, so it is important to get to know the peculiarities of the digital world and the background of media use in time. The center provides an opportunity for students to learn and become a conscious media consumer by producing media content.

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📌5. A nursery was established in Gellénháza for 80 million forints.

László Vighwritten by:
In Gellénháza, a nursery was set up in the nursery building from HUF 80 million to make life easier for families with small children.
Congratulations to the mayor, the municipality and the staff of the institution for the development.


📌6. the house of culture in Senna was renovated.

Attila Gelencsérwrote: House of Culture without transferring csinnadratta. More pictures below the link.


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