Hungary is also defending well in the second wave

Hungary is also defending well in the second wave

According to all indicators, Hungary is among the countries that are well protected against the virus. This is also shown by WHO statistics. The left claims the opposite, we wrote an article about it yesterday (Source)

Regarding the epidemic as a whole, the number of infected people per one million people in Hungary is still only half of the EU average, which makes us clearly one of the better performing countries - Origo continues.

While the number of confirmed infections per one million people in Hungary is 4,073, the EU average is 8,369.

Origo explained that the same trend has been observed for fatalities, with the number of people dying of the disease increasing across Europe, with 344 deaths for every one million people today. In terms of population, the number of victims in Hungary is only one third of the EU average. The number of victims is logically related to the number of people infected, but while in Hungary 105 deaths per million people are the same, in Belgium it is 893, in Spain 701, but in Italy and Sweden it also exceeds 500 people. However, it is a warning sign that in Germany, Portugal, Denmark and the Netherlands, the proportion of registered deaths was much higher than in Hungary. Regarding mortality statistics, there are different protocols in different Member States, but Hungary applies the strictest protocol in this matter.

The number of deaths per person infected has not been graphed anymore, but we are also doing well in this indicator: 2.51% compared to the EU average of 4.11%.

The Operational Tribe works well, the health performs well, and most of the time people follow the recommendations (wearing a mask, keeping a distance, hygiene).

The left is still lying:

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