A new ingredient is added to the litter, or another Trojan horse is being made. The focus is on another word

Again an unusual article, now there will be no numbers, but the topic is serious, so we need to talk about it

A new ingredient is added to the litter, or another Trojan horse is being made.  The focus is on another word

Pálinkas was bought for a pound, the "New World People's Party" was formed under his leadership, and his first announcement was that "he will not shy away from the opposition prime ministerial candidacy" Oops!

What will the upset opposition do after their jointly launched candidate is defeated in Borsod? They form a new party, another Trojan tree horse. Many don’t understand what we mean, but we explain. Surely there will be many who will disagree with us because they sympathize with Our Country or this new party, but let’s not beat ourselves: There are no more winners in the election, there is only one, and if we want to win, we all have to win. to line up behind Fidesz-KDNP.

Some say it is a good thing for Our Country because "they are a normal opposition" or "they need such an opposition, it is good that they are". We think the situation is completely different and many people completely misunderstand the stakes of the 2022 election. Here we will not choose between parties now, but between life or death. If we allow room for these thoughts, if we do not form a single huge unit, we will get out, because the left will throw "hundreds of tricks" against us 10 years ago, and thousands of tricks will come in the next year and a half.

Let's take a look at what's going on.

1. The scum is unviable. We see the result of the Borsod election in a district that cannot be called Fidesz, the overthrown opposition has been knocked out because people have realized that if they win, it will not be development, but the distribution of positions, the fiction of money, the power fights. We know what's going on in Göd, what's going on in Vác, Budapest, the other opposition cities, what the differences are between the left-wing parties, how important it is for them to represent people, and how they steal public money in disgusting and unscrupulous ways. they see the world and how they want to introduce in Hungary those sick neoliberal ideas that are spreading faster in the world than the virus. They failed in Borsod, and it is quite obvious that they would fail in the 2022 elections as well, as support for Fidesz may never have been as high as it is now. So something needs to change.

2. Already a couple of years ago, Jobbik was split in two. We deliberately use that word because Jobbik wasn’t torn in two, it was a conscious move. The whole Jobbik phenomenon is nothing more than a product of the "divide and rule" principle, Jobbik was created as planned to share Fidesz, and it was partly successful, as it reached 20 percent in the heyday of Jobbik. What they could not win at the time was that the Jobbik started separately, the other opposition parties separately. The second two-thirds defeat was followed by the third, and the left was again forced to act. They realized that many of the Jobbikis would be reluctant to approach Gyurcsány, while others would. If everything stays the same, then in a predictable way the left cannot win either together or separately, because if Jobbik starts separately, the result of the 2018 election will be repeated, if they start together, they will lose the rightists supporting Gyurcsány, and they will nicely they go over to Fidesz as there was no other alternative for them.

3. June 23, 2018: The Our Country Movement, established by former right-wingers, is formed to serve as a refuge for politicians, MPs and sympathizers leaving Jobbik, who is moving towards the DK and other left-liberal parties. But not just as a refuge! Our plan with Our Country is exactly the same as with Jobbik: to divide Fidesz, to gather from Fidesz, for one reason or another, disillusioned with left-liberal propaganda, people moving away due to personal insults, and to weaken the 2022 election, seemingly separate from the left. Fidesz. Remember - the Our Country party (or movement) is supported by people who do NOT want to cooperate with Gyurcsány but don't like Orban for something (we don't understand why, what harmed them ...). The leadership of the party, on the other hand, will be willing to cooperate with Ferenc, no one should have any doubts about that! Just as no one thought about Jobbik in 2010 that they would ever side with Gyurcsány, so now many people think the same about Our Hungary, but let's not rock ourselves in this misconception. There will be no bacon from a dog.

4. The Our Country movement has a repulsive force for normal Fidesz people, so only the Hungarian Guard, the Jobbik, the divisive anti-Roma policy, which is no longer openly accepted, but previously the same people are black, are only connected to the past of this party's leaders. they marched in uniform in the settlements inhabited by the Roma, which partly explains why the support of this party is so low, the 2% admit not much.

5. The interim election in Borsod showed that what they have done so far, hundreds of tricks were not enough and more steps are needed. we need a party, tenth, or heck, know how many in a row that brings together people who are also disappointed in something in Fidesz, but for them it is unacceptable for Our Country. József Pálinkás, who also moved away from Fidesz, bought a great cadre for this purpose. We will not dissect the reasons for this now, but we will see that Pálinkás has been pushing hard anti-Fidesic rhetoric for some time, and the left-liberal press likes to spread it. This was the introductory stage, as many did not even know who Pálinkás was. József Pálinkás is a Hungarian atomic physicist, politician, university professor, full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, its president between 2008 and 2014 - an ordinary person, isn't he? We don't even want to ruin his reputation, that's not the purpose of this article, but the fact is that Pálinkás has now founded a party that will run against Fidesz in the election. Together with the wash, whether or not there will be a separate, prime ministerial candidate, these are still questions of detail, but what we have learned so far is treated as a warning sign in itself.

There has never been such a stake in a parliamentary election, and there has never been such a headwind. The left enjoys the support of the Western "liberal forces", there is an unlimited amount of money at their disposal by Soros, on their side are the social sites, the track is clearly sliding in our direction.

We need to come together even better than before, because our strength, our weapon, is that we are more. But we will only be in the majority if we line up behind Fidesz and we will all go to the polls in 2022. We still have a long way to go before the election, and we must take that journey together. We need to set aside all kinds of rivalries, “whats” poisoning, facial expressions, individual grievances, and our disagreements. The choice will not be about individuals, not parties, the choice will be between life and death.
As James put it, "we go to the soup," or not. Do we want all the sick ideas that Momentum represents that Gyurcsány, who led the DK, did with Hungary before 2010, which Jakab threatens, do we want Hungary to give up its national interests and submit to the will of the Western "liberal" world. Are we ready to abandon our family support system, stop development, replace job creation with rising unemployment, instead of an increase in state wealth, another wave of robbery privatization will crash over our heads, the system of tax benefits will be replaced by austerity, follow the overhead price increase, etc.

According to us, those who support the Our Country movement, this new party, any other party, support Gyurcsány. Not because Pálinkás would be a bad person, he is certainly an excellent professional, and Dóra Dúró is obviously a charming lady, but now you should not experiment with such things. It is obvious that Fidesz-KDNP is the only force that can win and govern elections on the national side. So let us all stand there and sweep away liberal ideas in 2022!

PS: We ask those who think that Our Country and this new party will be useful not to be angry with us! Realize that every single vote given to them is a threat to national governance. The new Jobbik, our country is a highly orbán phobic party, they are now gathering votes by standing up for issues that would go through in Parliament without them, trying to steal themselves into the hearts of more and more Fidesz. (https://bit.ly/3nXfxkc)

If we don't want Gyurcsány to laugh at the end, let's get together. Come on Fidesz!

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