A strong country needs a strong army. Video!

In this video we show how the Hungarian Armed Forces has developed over the last 10 years. At the beginning of the video with the graphics of the Numbers, the rest of the video with videos made by the Army. The footage includes newly purchased Airbus helicopters, Leopard tanks, other modern military equipment, and military exercises.
share it because many people think that soldiers only sit in barracks. This is not the case, training, equipment exchange is continuous, and world-class.

📌1. Reminder: This is how the Gyurcsánys destroyed the Hungarian Armed Forces
📌2. Force development and modernization after 2010, Zrinyi 2026 program

Source: Graphics:https://www.szamokadatok.hu/
Videos:Hungarian Defense Forces(Press a liking for the Army, only a few hundred are missing for the 100,000!)

Read more:https://honvedelem.hu/hirek/hazai-hirek/eros-orszaghoz-eros-hadsereg-kell.html

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