What are left-liberals preparing for in 2022?

Street riots?

What are left-liberals preparing for in 2022?

We wrote an article about this before, because we also noticed that the behavior, actions, heresies, the radical movements of the left-liberals (along with the better ones, they are no different!) Point in the very direction that after a chance defeat in 2022, they certainly they will not accept this, and according to the Ukrainian or Belarusian scenario, they will take to the streets, trying to overthrow the "regime", as they put it, that is, the democratically elected government of Hungary, with increasingly radical steps.

Before reading these two articles, listen to this video for about 30 seconds:
What does James say? "In 2022, we will decide this regime if‼ ️so‼ ️, ha‼ ️business‼ ️but they will definitely go to the soup, or whoever is where!
What is "so" and what is "so"? What could James have thought? We think that if you win, a series of political cleansing, persecution and conceptual lawsuits will start when you come to power, if not, then "so" - at the cost of street riots and coups.

🔴1. Article of the Hungarian Newspaper:

The main test of the "color revolution" in Budapest

A XXI. According to the latest analysis of the Institute of the Century submitted to our paper, it explains the artificially induced domestic political unrest of the last two years and provides a forecast of similar events in the next year and a half, which now pose national security risks in addition to domestic political dilemmas.

Soft coups, "color revolutions"

Soft coups and “color revolutions” have become a real industry in the last two decades. Despite the diversity of scenarios and recipes, the “color revolution” has become a method used globally (in different parts of the world) and universally (ignoring the different specificities of political cultures and systems) as a means of foreign-aided intervention.

The aim of the method is to make a system decision, to remove those in government, by means of “non-violent resistance” that often leads to violence. Overall, the ‘color revolutions’ that have taken place so far have generally taken place with significant external intervention, followed by a dysfunctional government and economic instability, often benefiting foreign stakeholders and often inflicted by serious political, ethnic or religious conflicts. inherent.

The ubiquitous ideology of soft coups can be summarized briefly: as the regime in power is a repressive and corrupt dictatorship that stifles freedom, violent resistance is morally justified and accompanied by sympathy from the international public. And external intervention is needed because the restoration of democracy, freedom and the rule of law cannot be hoped for under legitimate conditions against the regime in power.

The declared goal of implementing “color revolutions” is to create instability for the introduction of “democratic conditions”. Thus, “democracy” precedes “stability”. That is, a “color revolution” with “democratic” goals is justified even if it results in lasting instability.

However, instability can also be a goal, as it provides a favorable terrain for speculators. This is due to the frequent involvement of György Soros in the preparation and conduct of the “color revolutions”. In the same way, opposing countries and great powers can take advantage of these disturbances, either to achieve their own goals or to weaken the positions of other powers.

Movements were mostly led by politicians in a kind of “mortar coalition” that included a wide variety of groups in Europe, from the far right to the neoliberal left, which established themselves as exclusive believers in Western values, while in the Muslim world, the so-called "Democratic opposition".

A common feature of “color revolutions” is that they are followed by instability and political chaos, regardless of the success or failure of the movements. While “color revolutions” often appear to be spontaneous folk movements on screen, they are actually organized by very well-prepared groups based on a mature methodology. Manuals for soft coups have been available for decades and have been translated into Hungarian in recent years.

All of this is perfectly suited to indirect influence gain in the new millennium, the outsourcing of political opposition, hybrid warfare, and proxy wars fought through deputies. Popovics' script, which has been available here in Hungary since 2017 (Guide to the Revolution), was immediately surrounded by the praise of the Hungarian opposition media.

Well-known Hungarian activists are proud to have dedicated copies on their community side, which is a compulsory homework of “community organizing” seminars and “civic” initiatives. The author of the book personally presented the book in Hungary in the autumn of 2017 at the invitation of the Joint Country Movement led by Márton Gulyás. In an interview with him, he said that "he expects his book to be sought after by activists in Budapest and his advice on organizing nonviolent movements," and the translator of the volume said, "We know that many emerging politicians in Hungary have reached Popovics' book."

International "recipe for revolution" in Hungary

The effect of the ideas of “making a revolution” has become clear in Hungary in recent years. After the Fidesz-KDNP won the third parliamentary election in 2018 with a two-thirds parliamentary majority in a row, opposition parties entered into a power-technical deal since 2018-19, in which they renounced their identities and acted jointly against the government side, as did the Polish and Serbian opposition. .

It fits into this change of strategy that 1) they see a means to mobilize street riots and 2) they try to compensate for their failure in Hungary by creating an EU mood and requesting intervention, and 3) foreign (American, Czech, Soros-based) investors have appeared behind their friendly media. . An important change since the parliamentary elections two years ago has been the participation of the entire opposition.

In the weeks following the 2018 parliamentary elections, attempts were made to undermine the political stability that resulted from the elections, which involved tens of thousands of people. “We are the majority! The “Demonstration for Democracy” movement was initiated by a private individual, Őrs Lányi, who did not accept that the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance had won the 2018 parliamentary elections.

As part of a movement organized on Facebook, protesters marched from the Opera House to Kossuth Square. The scenario of the demonstration was very similar to the protests against the CEU, which did not comply with domestic laws, and against the transformation of the MTA.

However, all of this was only a test mode for the “hot autumn” of 2018, when a parliamentary obstruction, street riots and the occupation of a public media building were planned by various opposition groups and political groups to speak of an amendment to the law called the “slave law” by the opposition.

Occupations of various public spaces were common during the autumn-winter demonstrations in 2018, for example, the Oktogon was regularly shut down, paralyzing traffic in the capital for long hours. Opposition politicians have already used force during the protests, for example President Momentum András Fekete-Győr threw a smoke grenade at the police officers protecting the parliament building, for which the prosecutor's office also charged him with violence against an official at the end of September 2020.

In the fall of 2018, the headquarters of the public media could only be protected by a serious police presence and security personnel. The main figures in these movements were Ákos Hadházy and Bernadett Szél, independent representatives who have been involved in organizing several actions ever since, and Bálint Misetics, one of the main figures of activists who loved civil dissatisfaction (occupation of state institutions, disruption of their operation). would have influenced the outcome of the 2018 elections, and even edited a textbook on the method of “civil resistance” earlier (Civil Disobedience and Nonviolent Resistance. 2016).

Although the City he represents denies to anyone that it has anything to do with the Soros Network, the Open Society Foundations (OSF), a stock speculator, has already in 2011 stood behind a group organizing several disruptive actions. The determination of these political actors is well illustrated by the fact that Ákos Hadházy has been talking since 2016 about the fact that if the government is not succeeded in the election, a revolution could take place. In 2020, the opposition wants a “hot autumn” again.

During the scandal surrounding the University of Theater and Film Arts (SZFE), well-identified symbols were acquired and the temptations were whipped up, the Momentum and the Democratic Coalition used provocative actions on the company using national consultation sheets, and the Hadházy – Szél pair gathered announced that on October 23, hundreds of thousands of protests would be organized - again - for the media headquarters on Kunigunda Street.

These actions are also organized on the basis of already well-known international recipes; students with the participation of the already mentioned Bálint Misetics.

However, the “color revolution” as a method and tool is only one side of the equation, their success also depends on what those in government react to! In Hungary, the Fidesz-KDNP, which has been in government for ten years, has so far caught the wind from the sails of the disturbers. Nevertheless, similar promotions may become more common in the future. Two factors can play an important role in this. One is the trends taking place in international networks, which may also be affected by the outcome of the US presidential election.

The other important factor is the development of the domestic political situation. If the current ruling party retains its popularity as the 2022 elections approach, and opposition parties still do not see a real chance of defeating it within the legal framework, they will be more likely to turn to street politics and provocative measures.

🔴2. Article on numbers at the beginning of September:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/posts/199349278208880

This is not Numbers now, but an opinion. Please read this article before responding.

All indications are that the left is preparing for an anti-democratic coup, street riots, shadow government. András Fekete-Győr was so scared of the defense developments announced this week that he fled in advance and revealed what their plan was.

We describe our opinion, who does not agree with this, feel free to write in a comment why.
There will be no numbers now, but that is something that must be talked about. András Fekete-Győr, head of the Momentum funded by the Soros network, announced today that he will create an "Opposition Operational Tribe", which in practice will be a shadow organization operating in parallel with the official Operational Tribe, bearing its name, if you like.

Fekete-Győr and the other leaders of the left are perfectly aware that their chances of winning in a democratic way - in elections - are very low, their situation is practically hopeless, as most people are sober-minded patriots who love their country, so methods. At first glance, this statement may seem strong, but considering the events of the recent period and the chronology of power takeovers and attempts to take power in the surrounding countries, all indications are that the opposition is preparing for this in Hungary as well. Let us also remember what happened in Venezuela, where Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó announced roughly 1 year ago that he would set up a shadow government to deprive President Nicolás Maduro of power because he thought Maduro had won the presidential election by fraud. Guaido is a puppet of the American government, the shadow government has been recognized by several neighboring countries, thus interfering rudely in Venezuela’s internal affairs. That is why we considered it unfortunate when another country does not publicly accept the election result of a sovereign state because it is interfering rudely in its internal affairs. Who the president is, the prime minister, must be decided by the people, and others must take note of the people's choice.

The left has thus announced the opposition operational tribe. (This “body” was called the “Coordination Council” in Belarus, and the “Maidan Council” in Ukraine.) From here, it is only a step away from receiving the money from Brussels for lobbying and building a private army for a year. and in the event of defeat, announce that the result will not be accepted, there has been fraud and start doing the same thing as the Belarusian opposition now, and in 2014 the Ukrainian opposition did: they call for civil disobedience, strikes nationally, cripple production and transport , they cause bank panic, thus triggering high inflation, while shouting loudly that whoever is not with us is against us. And there will come all sorts of countries who declare that they do not recognize the outcome of our election and may even impose sanctions on the legitimate government.

This kind of resistance can get to a point where, because of a series of intimidations, those who have been against them before are also standing by them, just because they are afraid of their jobs, their families, themselves. The Gyurcsánys are constantly threatening the “Fideszians” and not doing so in vain: they want to make it clear that if they have a potential chance to take power, it is better for everyone to shut up and stand by them, because whoever does not will face retaliation.

In Ukraine, the coup came together, the president was a coward, he did not order the crackdown on protests, he sent unarmed police to the streets, he did not provide border protection, so elected power could be taken over by a coup government. Everyone knows the results: 14,000 dead, civil war, land loss, IMF loan, economic bankruptcy, inflation, 5 million emigrant job seekers, total moral and economic crisis. Those who think differently are still persecuted on linguistic, political, religious and ethnic grounds. Several politicians, journalists, public figures were simply killed or expelled from the country. The Gyurcsánys are also threatening us with this.

Lukashenko was no longer a coward, he showed at the beginning that there would be no stone-throwing, Molotov cocktails, public buildings in Minsk. Today, a kind of standing war has developed, the initial heat has subsided, the strength and number of opposition demonstrations is declining, production has also returned, and life is beginning to return to normal. Lukashenko ordered increased border controls the day after the election because he was aware that protesters would not receive money or weapons within the country, so supplies from abroad should be prevented. We hope that the coup, planned for years and financed with an unlimited amount of money, will fall behind in Belarus. We are not defending Lukashenko, we are stating this, we just do not agree with the method of street riots, intimidation, political cleansing, nor do we agree with other countries interfering in a country's domestic policy.

We considered it important to talk about this because we followed the events there (and not on the index!) So we have a relatively objective picture of the direction of the events currently being experienced in Hungary. We have to prepare in spirit, financially and in terms of means for all possible scenarios, because the left is starving: for 10 years they cannot steal as much as they would like, they have not been able to raise the ideologies and deviances to legal level in Hungary for 10 years, which are being forcibly distributed throughout the world. Hungary has been developing and strengthening for 10 years, and they understand that the longer this situation persists, the more difficult it will be for them to take power by anti-democratic means.

We would not be surprised after the dead in the video if this particular opposition operative tribe were symbolically housed in the building of the University of Theater and Film Arts occupied by deceived students. In Kiev, too, university students were sent to the streets in the first round and the police were provoked until a couple of them were arrested, the sacred victims were present, and then the atmosphere of the protests was heated day by day. It also turned out that the first casualties did not die from the bullets of police or protesters in the square, but that hired snipers shot down a couple of people from both camps to further increase the hatred they felt for each other as both sides believed that the other fired.

We talked about the signs, well, what do we mean?

Ákos Hadházy is preparing for street riots, to occupy MTVA, he wants to take 100 thousand people to the streets, Gyurcsány wants to make those who are nationally emotional and who support the national government run, Gábor Bródy would deport from Hungary those who do not dance the way they whistle, street protests were organized in the middle of the epidemic, in 2019 they tried to occupy the MTVA headquarters, they tried to make the dialogue between the government and the citizens impossible by stealing the consultation sheets, they created another opposition medium with the index members and the Prime Minister, they lied about the epidemic, spread hospital rumors, clowned with all sorts of signs and whistled in Parliament, tried to jump the Roma and Hungarians here at home (BLM, Gyöngyöspata), look for opportunities in all areas of life. inflict retirees with workers, rural people with urban ones, the poor with the rich, Christians with other religions, and so on. All this is done in order to educate their camp for more and more violent acts, since what is free for the Member is obviously also for the citizen. If they can make life-threatening threats with impunity, they’re different, right? If they can occupy a public building with impunity, it’s different, right? We can now witness this in the case of SzFE.

And finally, a very important sign: be careful not to poke the Police and the Army. There is no goofy, corruption, dictatorship, no objections to military and police developments, no word of mouth for these two bodies. I wonder why? One of the obligatory elements of the color revolutions is when, sending women and children forward, with flowers, teddy bears in their hands, crying, they shout "(country name) policeman is with us!", In this case this "Hungarian policeman is with us" or " The Hungarian army is with us ". Even during the 2019 MTVA misfortune, the rehearsals were already underway, they were walking down the street and shouting, "Come with us."

The next step will be the sacred sacrifice (if you will - hopefully not!)
In the U.S., it was Floyd, in Kiev, a few dozen policemen and protesters who were taken off rooftops with binoculars, and in Belarus, police were provoked until a protester died. There is no coup without sacred sacrifice, that’s part of the scenario.

We hope we are wrong, and the “opposition operative tribe” announced today is nothing more than another part of the soap opera of left-wing agony. If not, and the above is confirmed, then we can state one thing: we defend Hungary, we maintain Hungarian democracy, the possibility of free choice, we condemn the methods of street politicking, disturbing, shadow government, fraud, other acts of violence, if they occur in Hungary. we will ask the bodies to put an end to these at the outset and to prevent what happened in Ukraine from happening to us.

Please write in the comments their opinion, very interested!
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We firmly believe that the place of politics is not on the street, but in Parliament, we reject all forms of street unrest, the weakening of the democratic system of the Hungarian state, the preparation of riots and other anti-democratic steps, and we take firm action by legal means against those who plan to do so.

Thank You!.

PS: In addition to the two and three countries mentioned (Ukraine, Venezuela, Belarus), dozens of other countries could be listed where, with this scenario, external funding and external pressure, the government was overthrown and democracy was imported. Everywhere, destruction, war, blood and poverty replaced the previous stable systems. Gaddafi's execution has even been broadcast live by the "independent, objective, free, liberal" press, and what is there now .... Democracy? No - destruction.


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