Huge alliance: 78,000 people are already protesting against the LGBTQ storybook. Sign it too!

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Huge alliance: 78,000 people are already protesting against the LGBTQ storybook.  Sign it too!

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We won’t even go near the Pagony bookstores after that.

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Do not sell the LGBTQ propaganda storybook at the Pagony Bookstore and other outlets! - demands CitizenGO Hungary in its highly echoed petition issued a week ago. By now, more than 78,000 Hungarian value defenders have joined the call.

The publication of the first Hungarian-language LGBTQ storybook recently caused a huge storm. Many organizations and thinkers have raised their voices against the ultra-liberal sensitization aimed at the little ones, and CitizenGO has launched an online petition.

The call spread quickly on social media, and part of the conservative press immediately embraced the matter. Speaking to Vasá, Eszter Schittl, CitizenGO's Hungarian campaign director, said: “children have the right to childhood, they do not yet have to know the various unnatural sexual habits of some adults.

Their healthy gender identity and safe development is disturbed by this book. ”

He added: “if Hungarian society now leaves this wordless and the book Fairy Tale Land for Everyone becomes available in stores, the rest will come as well. After the 20th such >> children's book <<, we won't know what to do anymore - he called attention. He added, the LGBTQ storybook is harmful to children, not appropriate for their age group. He openly directs the little ones towards a sexual, political ideology. In addition, Pagony is a special children's book and toy store, so those who are not attentive enough can take it home as a Christmas present without suspicion. ”

This is why the campaign is aimed at distributors: its authors and supporters are asking for the LGBTQ propaganda storybook to be removed from their offerings with the safety and protection of children's development in mind. The publication published by the Labrisz Lesbian Association and the related costs - as pointed out by Vasá - were provided by the György Soros Open Society Foundation.

The signatures gathered quickly, and the other side showed tooth protein: Eszter Schittl was brutally threatened after the petition was announced. The case written by Vasá received significant press coverage, and joining our call, hundreds of people publicly stood by the campaign director, including leading politicians, journalists and public figures.

The campaign was a great success: at the time of writing our article (late Wednesday night), the number of signatories is over 78,000. The petition moves a number of advocacy communities and approaches hundreds of thousands of initiatives.

A significant number of people have moved in defense of normality against the forcibly expanding LGBTQ lobby.

Click here to see the petition ( may be signed.

Source: Vasarnap.hu

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