How will this be a cooperation if they are not even able to spread fake news in harmony with each other?

Do you remember how loud the left-liberal fake news choir was after Viktor Orbán returned home from Brussels on July 20, where the big agreement was reached after the 4-day marathon negotiations and where Viktor Orbán reached what he wanted? We will not discuss this in detail now, we have written an article about it before, who do not know the details, read it.

Then Klára Dobrev, the Momentum, the MSZP, all the false news propaganda lied that Orbán did not get this "rule of law" withdrawal mechanism out of the agreement, although this is not in fact true, the text of the agreement does not contain such a mechanism.
This is what we reported here: is also a link to the original document in the article)

On the other hand, in today's Transit debate, Anna Donáth, already reversing Momentum's previous lies, said that under pressure from Viktor Orbán, these parts had been removed from the text of the agreement.

🔴How will this collapse, comrades?

Source: Dobrev's lie:
Today's statement by Anna Donáth (from about 1 o'clock)

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