The number of employees has risen above 4.5 million!

Of course, there are those who also deny reality

The number of employees has risen above 4.5 million!

The parties and their politicians in the picture constantly lie that millions are starving in Hungary, and during the current crisis, 35 percent of Hungarians have lost their jobs. No kidding, here is our previous article:

The reality, by contrast, is that
📌In 2002, 3 million 870 thousand people had jobs in Hungary
📌In 2010, 3 million 732 thousand people had jobs
📌In 2019, the number of employees was 4 million 512 thousand
📌And currently 4 million 514 thousand people have jobs.óak

The left, which by the end of its reign had increased the number of unemployed by 138,000, the unemployment rate reached 11.3 percent, today shouting how bad the labor market conditions in Hungary are. Isn't it a shame?

Does the left, which has not supported any proposals for family support, job protection, job creation or tax cuts since (but not before) the outbreak, distribute "famine marches"? Isn’t that why their sympathizers don’t feel uncomfortable?

Under the rule of the Fidesz-KDNP, the number of people who have a job has increased by 782 thousand and you can "work as a public worker" here, of course, there are currently about 100 thousand people (less than 60 thousand before), but even then, the Fidesz-KDNP balance sheet is 682 thousand jobs, theirs is -138 thousand.

István Hollikwritten by:
"The latest labor market data clearly show that the Hungarian economy has managed to preserve jobs despite the global economic shocks caused by the coronavirus. Fidesz-KDNP aims to create as many jobs as it destroyed the virus. Hungary needs to work!"

The left should apply a little more restraint when it comes to jobs, family support, economic recovery or Hungarian national interests, for them these are foreign and unfamiliar areas.

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