It is the end of a period when any Brussels dweller could wipe his feet in us!

We won't negotiate with Jourova anymore

It is the end of a period when any Brussels dweller could wipe his feet in us!

According to Yurova, we are a "sick democracy".
He thinks we would be healthy if
- we would be happy to have our little children programmed by teaching gender propaganda,
- we would warmly welcome children to be brought up by families where "parents" consider these doctrines to be their own.
- we would accept that we bear the serious consequences of Western - induced immigration (the file would be brought here like scrap food, garbage, etc.)
- we would accept it if we continue to be treated as a colony,

You have to break out of this once. Here is the oppurtinity!

After Judit Varga ( Viktor Orbán sent a hard message to Brussels. Viktor Orbán: Vera Jourová has offended Hungary, she has to leave.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote a letter to Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, informing him that he would suspend bilateral political relations with the Vice-Chairman of the Board, Vera Jourova, due to his statements offending Hungary and the Hungarian people, said Bertalan Havasi, Prime Minister's spokesman. He added: According to Viktor Orbán, the resignation of the EU Commissioner is essential.

The Hungarian Prime Minister stated: “Since Hungary's accession in 2004, it has been a committed member of the European Union. We have always tried to reach an agreement on issues of dispute - and most of all with results. We appreciate the work of President (Ursula von der Leyen) as President of the Commission. "

Viktor Orbán explained: “Due to the words of Vice-President Vera Jourová insulting Hungary, I am forced to turn to the President. The vice-chairman of the committee publicly called Hungary a "sick democracy" and insulted the Hungarian citizens of the European Union by being 'not in a position to form an independent opinion.' These statements are not only an attack on the democratically elected Hungarian government, which is slowly becoming commonplace, but are offensive to Hungary and the Hungarian people. The former is wrong, the latter is unacceptable, ”the prime minister wrote.

He added that these statements run counter to the Commission's neutral and objective institutional role as declared in the Lisbon Treaty; the declaration disregards the principle of loyal cooperation and excludes the possibility of a meaningful dialogue between Commission Vice-President Vera Jourová and Hungary.

"Anyone who violates the Treaty by his actions cannot be a defender of the rule of law and European values. The Commissioner's statements are inconsistent with his position in committee, and his resignation is essential. Until this happens, the Hungarian government will suspend bilateral political relations with Vera Jourova, ”Viktor Orbán informed the President of the European Commission in his letter.


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