Vice-President Jourová insulted Hungary, insulted all Hungarians

Vice-President Jourová insulted Hungary, insulted all Hungarians

🔴If this is "European democracy", then we are not asking for it! We are not and will never be doormaters for anyone!

If Jourová, or any other left-liberal Brusselsite, thinks they can wipe their feet in us and tell us how to live, they are wrong! Judit Varga wrote a tough message - THANK YOU!

🔴And Péter Szijjártó reported that while the Poles are being attacked for "bad" their judicial system, in Spain they are subject to exactly the same regulations, but there is a "rule of law". Disgusting, unscrupulous double standard!
🇭🇺Viktor Orbán said well: PREPARE! We must protect our country and the future of our children!

"➡️In an interview with the German weekly Spiegel on September 25, Věra Jourová, Vice-President of the European Commission, again launched an open attack on Hungary instead of a constructive dialogue.

📍According to him, Viktor Orbán is building a sick democracy in Hungary.
📍Vice-President Jourová insulted Hungary, insulted all Hungarians.

His statement goes against European values ​​and the requirements of loyal cooperation.
Vice-President Jourová must resign with immediate effect❗️

The statements made by the European Commission, guardian of the Treaties, Jourová, are incompatible with his position as Vice-President.

That's why you have to go❗️

🔴I also said this today at the Salzburg European Forum, which was broadcast live by the ORF.


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