The completely renovated Óföldeák Catholic fortress church was handed over (with video)

The completely renovated Óföldeák Catholic fortress church was handed over (with video)


The renovated fortress church of Óföldeák, the only church in the Great Plain standing on a hill surrounded by moats, was handed over and blessed on Sunday as part of Thanksgiving Mass.

At the Mass, Bishop László Kiss-Rigó of Szeged-Csanád asked that the church built of stone and brick symbolize the living community that can believe in Christ.

The bishop put it this way that in every community there are those who are in practice far removed from the ideas they proclaim. It would be natural for us not only to refer to our roots, our cultural identity, but to actually have a personal relationship with the risen Christ, to practice, to enrich our values, in addition to which we would bear authentic testimony, he said.

László Kiss-Rigó wanted the renovated church to help the people of Old Earth to have a personal relationship with Christ and to merge into a community.

János Lázár (Fidesz), the Member of Parliament for the region, said that although a church could have stood in this place before, it was erected in its present form in the second half of the 15th century, during the reign of Matthias Hunyadi. In one of the most important periods of historical Hungary, when, as an independent power, the Hungarians were able to significantly influence the affairs of the then world, Christian Europe. He added that it is perhaps no coincidence that the reconstruction of the church in Óföldeák took place at the time of the revival of the Matthias cult, in the 1920s.

The church is reminiscent not only of its glorious past, but also of centuries of mining, and of the fact that new and new generations are always coming who think churches need to be rebuilt, the politician said, stressing that this could be because this country it has been saved for centuries by faith, hope, and love.

The most important written record of the medieval church in Földeák dates back to 1429, a bull issued by Pope Martin V. The building is depicted in several manuscript and printed maps from the 16th century. On the site of the former Árpádian church, a Gothic building was erected in the 15th century, most of which still survives today. The church was surrounded by a 38-26-meter fortification 24-26 times in a slightly irregular shape, and a 2.5-3-meter-deep ditch ran outside the walls. The church could be approached by a wooden bridge passing through the moat. The bell tower was 12-15 meters, the gate tower was 12-18 meters, of which the guards could supply Makó, Vásárhely or even Szeged.

Last year, the diocese won a HUF 83.5 million grant to renovate the monument. Thanks to work that began in March, a new wooden bridge over the moat was completed, a complete exterior renovation was carried out: the walls were insulated, the façade was painted, the roof and the wooden structure of the tower were repaired, and a rainwater drainage system was built. During the internal renovations, the electrical network of the liturgical space was modernized, new energy-saving lamps were installed, and the camera system was completed. They restored the stained glass of the church, repaired defects in the plaster, and repainted the interior and doors and windows.

Source:Hungarian Nation

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