10/11/2020 - It will be Victory Day, but it will take everyone if we want to win and not just participate

10/11/2020 - It will be Victory Day, but it will take everyone if we want to win and not just participate

Everyone who belongs to the 6th parliamentary individual constituency of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County must go to the polls on October 11th. Viktor Orbán rarely asks, he usually gives to everyone, but at the beginning of the first wave of the epidemic, he said in one of his parliamentary speeches that he needs 133 brave people. The Prime Minister understood the term "133 brave people" for the Fidesz-KDNP faction, of which the faction was reduced to 132, because unfortunately Zsófia Koncz's father, Ferenc Koncz, died on July 10 this year as a result of a tragic engine accident.
An interim election is being held in the constituency, in which Zsófia Koncz, daughter of Ferenc Koncz, became a candidate for Fidesz-KDNP.

One could talk a lot about László Bíró, Zsófi's challenger, but we don't do that now, there are millions of articles about him in the press who are interested in reading how he was Jewish, threatened, gypsy, did not pay his employees, etc.
The Hungarian Nation has written 60 articles about it:https://magyarnemzet.hu/cimke/biro-laszlo/

Let's see one moreZsófia Konczinterview❤️
Hajrá Zsófi! Trust yourself! You will succeed, but work hard until the election!

🔴🔴🔴Dear readers! And you support Zsófi by liking her site, sharing this article, even if you don’t live in that constituency. This interim will now be a symbolic election of national significance.

I want to be the voice of women and young people in Parliament.

The stake of the election is who can represent the interests of the locals on the merits - the Fidesz-KDNP candidate thinks before the by-elections in the 6th constituency of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. What vision does Zsófia Koncz, the daughter of Ferenc Koncz, who died in a motor vehicle accident in July, offer the region? Is the green issue on the agenda in Borsod? Our interview.

Whether Fidesz-KDNP retains a two-thirds majority depends on the lucky interval. Are you under a lot of pressure?

The opposition is trying to reinforce this message, but I think it is really a technical issue, as a two-thirds majority of the ruling parties are not in danger.
In fact, it is about who can meaningfully represent the people living here in the years to come,
who will be able to help them prosper.

Fidesz had no other constructed man in the constituency besides his father, so the decision was made to come home from Washington and take his place? The name Koncz could be a good letter of recommendation in the region, do you expect that?

Is not the case. I have always been interested in public life, I myself have been a part of local public life for a long time. I have been involved in constituency work since I was a child. My father and I discussed everything that concerns the constituency, he asked for my opinion in many of his decisions. I am also proud that when we started working in the 2000s, Szerencs had the largest Fidelitas group in relation to the size of the settlement, we are talking about more than a hundred young people and we were very active.

Almost immediately after his father’s death, he decided to start at the necessarily announced interval. He didn't have much time to mourn. And there was a diplomatic career in Washington that he left because of the interim. Did you make it because of your father's memory, or from your loyalty to Fidesz?

Definitely because of my father's work.
Completing my mission to Washington was practically decided on the day of the tragedy
- then the candidacy did not even arise. That night I told my family that my husband and I would definitely be moving home. And that happens regardless of the outcome of the election, our move home is in progress.

They are being attacked now with the fact that his employment at the Washington embassy has not been terminated, nor have you suspended him, thinking that if he loses, he can return there. True?

I wasn’t surprised when I read these accusations in the press affiliated with the left. Based on the relevant protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the so-called “My equipment” - it has the exact time, so it’s not an optional thing.

One of the opposition candidates is László Bíró, who came second behind Ferenc Koncz in 2018, but at the same time his handicap was that he had made the coalition grumble for the left due to his previous anti-Semitic statements. The big test is still, if the "complete opposition" - an opposition against a Fidesz - starts together, can Fidesz be defeated again in the countryside ...

The “one on one” lineup does not cover reality as there are multiple candidates; there is another opposition candidate who starts with the support of ISZOMM, named after Tibor Szanyi (Ádám Tóth - ed.), and I see him communicating with the left-wing voters, trying to define himself against me. Of course, I know the results of 2018, but since then I think Jobbik has changed a lot too; formed a type of coalition with the left on which people can now express their views:
whether it is truly a value-based and ideologically appropriate alliance.

The opposition is actually pursuing a national policy at all local intervals: they want to overthrow the Orbán government in every election, setting a precedent by 2022. What do you think is the choice?

The only stake in the interim election is who can meaningfully represent the interests of the local people. The constituency itself is extremely complex, with 42 municipalities, 38 of which have less than 5,000 inhabitants. The government launched the Hungarian Village program in 2019, and I get feedback from my constituents that this is a very good construction; if the municipalities apply successfully, the projects included in it can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

I have not visited a settlement where no development would have started under the auspices of this program in a year.
Tiszaújváros, Szerencs, Szikszó and Tiszalúc are settlements with a population of more than 5,000 - and in the new EU budget cycle, small towns will again be the biggest beneficiaries, so I will work with the mayors to ensure that these settlements continue to be part of the developments. I will pay special attention to Tiszalúc, as it is a settlement of over 5,000 people, but not a small town. That is why we have collected signatures for a petition so that the road section between Tiszalúc and Tiszadob and Nagycserkesz will be built and renewed, because it is currently in a terrible state; so it is difficult to build tourism. These works have already begun.

According to the opposition press, a decision was already made on this section of the road last year, so the petition is nothing more than your campaign catch. Is that the same way then or not?

This is a different stretch of road than the 3612 road approved in 2019. This is the renovation of road 3619, this section of road is about 30 kilometers from the previous one.
The articles spelled this wrong, and my opponents on the left deliberately tried to mislead the public, unfortunately not for the first time.

He has repeatedly stated that he wants to continue the work started by his father, Ferenc Koncz, in the constituency. More specifically, what is your father's legacy?

My father founded the local Fidesz organization in 1990 in Szerencs. From then on, he was a local councilor until it became incompatible with the work of members of parliament. He was a public figure in those 30 years who could remain a man in the tough world of politics, who had a good word for everyone who was always trying to help - he was clearly a good example.
He was able to stand by the affairs with passion to make this area better.

“Everything is local here to start a family, raise a child,” he said recently. Is everything really in Borsod, Abaúj and Tokaj-Hegyalja? So what does politics need to add to this?

Infrastructure, job creation, competitive salaries - these are needed.
The family support measures launched by the government are already having a trace here. This semester, for example, for the first time, more children were born in Szerencs than in previous years. I think that everything is given here, because I myself grew up in Luck and I know that the standard of education was very good, it was safe to be a child, there are bigger cities nearby, such as Miskolc. However, it is very important to develop the infrastructure so that we can travel safely.

What specific projects did your father not have been able to complete that you now consider to be your job?

Road 37 will be extended twice to two lanes to Szerencs and the Tarcal junction, and then to Sátoraljaújhely in the long run. This project must be completed! - it was his business, though the complete left is now trying to appropriate it. In addition, it is important to expand employment and develop tourism.

In 2008, the Gyurcsány government closed the Lucky Sugar Factory, a nearly 120-year-old factory.
Sugar beet growing has a long tradition in our area, employing 3,000 to 3,500 people in the heyday of the factory. My father invented two things then: on the one hand, we started organizing a national chocolate festival, at the same time as the development of the chocolate factory began, and on the other, the project was a plan for the insulation factory to compensate for the lost jobs. He worked on the latter for ten years.

How is this plan now?

It has received a new impetus. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó visited here yesterday, he also consulted with investors, and there is state support for the investment. We have outlined a timetable. This factory will employ 160 people in the long run, ensuring the livelihood of so many families.

When will this factory be built?

Trial production may start in 2021.

Attracting young people is the key to boosting rural regions. They find it hard to come back without jobs. What other job creation ideas do you have?

I have already talked about luck, let me talk about Szikszó and the areas along the Hernád, as well as about the largest settlement in our constituency, Tiszaújváros. The Hell Group settled in Szikszó ten years ago, today an investment of HUF 100 billion has been made, employing thousands of people. Last week, I was present at the handover of the new latte plant together with Minister Mihály Varga - the company is expanding the facility with 50 jobs. In addition, milk will be purchased from nearby producers, thus strengthening local agriculture, which is also a key area for employment in the region. The development of the Hell Group must continue, which is also supported by the government; They are exported to 50 countries and strengthen Hungary's reputation in the international market. Seven new sugar silos will be built in Szikszó, while a new factory hall will also be built at the Lucky Chocolate Factory. The Mol group plays an important role in Tiszaújváros, a new polyol plant is also being built,

In Tokaj-Hegyalja, a large-scale development concept will start in the next two years in the field of viticulture, viticulture and tourism.
Led by Government Commissioner György Wáberer.

Central Bank Governor György Matolcsy presented a new plan this week, the new housing policy would support the construction of green and energy-efficient homes. Green politics is also appreciably strengthening on the conservative side. Is this a topic in your pepper? Do you personally feel this is important?

Yes, I think it's important. I thought about several such cases while visiting the settlements. Last weekend, for example, a collection of PET bottles was carried out on the Bodrog by PET Pirates - as part of the Sports Day in Bodrogkeresztúr, I also boarded a canoe and we collected the discarded bottles together. This beautiful initiative has been going on for eight years on the Tisza, for the first time on the Bodrog. It is a family program, an adventure on the one hand, and very useful for the environment on the other.

We also have work to do in the field of waste management, I have already discussed the issues with the competent waste manager:
additional waste yards are being called for by those living here; within the constituency it is already in Tiszaújváros, Szikszó and Szerencs, but it has also been suggested that it be in Tiszalúc and Tokaj. This can happen next year. Another comment from the population is that separate waste collectors are not used for their intended purpose by people. The solution is to either clean up these landfills or relocate or close them, as selective collection at residential buildings is already taking place in all settlements. In addition, my suggestion is to create a reuse center as the first small town next to the Szerencs waste yard: so far only the capital and three cities with county status in the country have such a solution. Used disposable items can be delivered here; and he who needs it can take it. This would produce less waste, which is achievable in the first quarter of next year. The next task is to carry out the necessary reclamation at about twenty landfills in the constituency where this has not yet happened. And there is one more important issue: bike lanes.
An important goal in the region is to create a coherent cycle path network.

Let's say a few more words about the campaign. There is an epidemic situation, meetings with voters are limited. Do social media and other online content drive the campaign?

In part, the campaign has really moved to the internet. Voters look at my Facebook page - I hear that from all ages. But in our countryside, personal relationships matter a lot more, so we don’t miss them in protective gear and with enough distance. However, we have canceled the planned village rallies and larger events, and we want to reduce the risks.

What does your staff put the campaign's focus on? What is their central message?

Our most important message is what is clear to everyone: I want to continue and implement my father's work and plans. I want to do it as conscientiously and with devotion as he did. Complemented by my own experience and knowledge from my education. And
I would like to represent both young people and women in parliament if I enter the Parliament as a young woman by the will of the electorate - let's face it, this is not a very common example in Hungarian politics.


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