Another lie about testing

In the video, the left-wing politician apparently thinks that if someone tests Himself voluntarily, asymptomatically, on a HOBBY level, they have to pay for it, at an official price of 19,500 forints, and it gives the false impression of saying “you have to pay twice” that this test is bought once by the Hungarian state from the taxpayers 'money, and then a second time by the end user, only the bibi is there, that if the end user pays, the taxpayers' money is returned to its place, so in this case it is not paid twice.

And the reality is that the vast majority of the 680,000 tests performed so far were ordered by the authority, hospitals, and GPs, and were thus FREE for patients.

Here, too, only the Hungarian left can ride, only the Hungarian left can spread fake news faster than the virus spreads, and only the Hungarian left needs to protect jobs alongside the virus.

In this video, Csaba Dömötör brilliantly refutes the false news spread by the lying Klára Dobrev.

Thank you, István Hollik!

Tags: Gyurcsány  Healthcare