National consultations

10 Years of Civil Governance - Part 23

National consultations

The last idea of ​​the Democratic Norms chapter was dedicated to the current National Consultations by the Institute of Perspectives:
“There was a wider involvement of voters through the establishment of a tradition of National Consultations, which strengthened the legitimacy of some political decisions. In 2020, the government announced the eighth consultation. "

National consultation is one of the most democratic tools in the world to enforce the will of the electorate. There are those who exercise this democratic right and there are those who do not (1) (2).
The lowest, however, collects, steals, pours into the garden, or even lives up to his childish desires, builds a castle from the consultation arches in front of the Carmelite Monastery (3-7). They are, of course, our left-liberal politicians, because we were the only ones who got it.

The first national consultation was held in 2010 (2), but it stood out from the others, targeting pensioners instead of society as a whole. Consultations on the Basic Law in 2011 and then on Social Issues were followed in 2012 by the Economic Consultation. The year 2015 was the culmination of illegal migration, so the issues of immigration and terrorism were on the agenda at that time.

This is 2017, titled "Stop Brussels!" followed by a series of questionable calls, which advanced to the third most successful consultation with 1,680,000 completed.
The gold medal was awarded to a consultation on the Soros Plan, also in 2017, which was completed by 2,332,000.

The 2018 family protection consultation was already followed by a series of consultation questions on this year’s coronavirus and farm restart. The latter was filled in by 1 793 000 (8), which has so far been a silver medal in the imaginary competition of national consultations, although the opposition has done everything in its power to prevent success. The answers to the questions set the framework for dealing with the second wave of the Government’s coronavirus.

It is not new time for left-liberals to trivialize national consultations. An excellent example of this is the case of the most completed Soros Plan consultation, where the very existence of the Soros Plan was questioned. The relevant Wikipedia entry here (9), which is unacceptable from an encyclopedia. Although even the short version (10) can be easily found by anyone with the help of Google and can be understood with English language skills, but excellent Hungarian translations can also be read e.g. On the side of János Drábik (11).



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