I don’t support left-liberals because

I don’t support left-liberals because

Why is that? On the virtual "battlefield", left-wing commentators often ask what's wrong with the Gyurcsany people, and with left-liberal ideas in general. We have prepared an appropriate answer to this question. The list is a bit voluminous, but far from complete.
Our list consists of 3 parts, our pre-2010 crimes were grouped separately, our post-2010 crimes in opposition were also sorted separately, and at the end we placed a general section on the 10 main lies of the Liberals.

Share and bookmark this article (link), you will still need it, Leave a comment if something is missing and we will keep the list updated. You can find an article for each point here on our Facebook page and athttps://www.szamokadatok.hu/also on our website. Each statement is documented, and all articles supporting them are cited.

We are not going to participate. We are going to win!

🔴1. The sins of the left before 2010:

“They shot people in the eye in 2006, and if they came to power, they would do it again if anyone dared to protest.
- Government debt was increased from 51.9 percent to 80.1 percent.
- During their reorganization, they dismantled the National Ambulance Service and allowed its assets and sites to become obsolete, fired hundreds of professionals and diverted resources.
- The real value of the minimum wage was not raised, inflation was higher than the increase.
- The real value of the wages of health workers has not been raised, inflation has been higher than the increase, thousands of professionals have left the field or the country.
- The unemployment rate was increased from 5.9 percent to 11.3 percent.
- Electricity has been doubled and the retail price of gas has tripled. It was a “world market price” then and it is still there, only then we paid one of the most expensive overheads in Europe, now the cheapest one.
- The family tax credit was abolished for families with 1 and 2 children, and those with three children were reduced by 60 percent to a ridiculous amount.
- They took 1 year of gyest.
- Subsidized forint loans were abolished, thus trapping Hungarian families in foreign exchange traps.
- The family allowance was raised, sponsoring subsistence childbearing among the unemployed, the children were starving, and the money ended up in pubs and slot machines.
“They leased the police cars, the police had mileage restrictions, the patrols couldn’t do their jobs because their hands were tied.
- Hospitals and doctor's offices were allowed to deteriorate. Dozens of hospitals were closed, 3,000 doctors and 6,000 health professionals were fired, hospital equipment was obsolete, and no manpower was provided.
- Nursing homes and nursing homes have been closed.
- Due to their regression, Hungary was downgraded in several stages up to the bóvli category.
- In 2004, they said no to Hungarians across the border, divided the nation.
- Due to the decrease in real wages, the stock of household savings continuously decreased, people became in debt, and the missing money was replaced by Hungarian families with consumer loans.
- During their regression, the number of marriages, the number of children to be born, and the number of divorces increased continuously. In many cases, there were financial problems in the background.
- During their regression, more and more Hungarians left Hungary every year than returned.
- The price of textbooks was raised to the skies, the profitable National Textbook Publisher was privatized.
- Strategic companies were privatized, the energy sector was sold, everything that was profitable and essential for a sovereign state was sold.
- Hundreds of thousands of Hungarian families were threatened with eviction due to the foreign exchange trap, and Fidesz solved this problem by setting up the National Asset Manager, rescuing the homes of more than 155 thousand families from bank executives.
- During their regression, the corporate tax rate was 19%, which scared off foreign investors and made it impossible for Hungarian companies as well. Currently, the corporate tax rate is 9%.
- The debt of local governments was increased to HUF 1,300 billion, as the money was taken away from them, but the tasks were not, and even new tasks were handed over without adequate funding.
- The Hungarian Armed Forces were completely disarmed, the number of the Armed Forces was reduced by 18,000, the artillery practically ceased, the tanks were donated, and the tanks later fell into the hands of the Islamic State terrorist organization.
- The debt of hospitals has increased significantly, as funding has been reduced and HUF 600 billion has been withdrawn from healthcare.
- They wanted to privatize the health fund, which was limited only by their defeat in the 2010 elections.
- The development of MÁV was stopped, MÁV's debt amounted to HUF 300 billion by 2010. The profitable freight business was sold (MÁV Cargo)
- HUF 80 billion of debt was accumulated at BKV, making the company insolvent, and development stopped here as well.
- HUF 167 billion was stolen on the Metro 4 investment, construction was not completed. (OLAF report)
- Waiting lists have steadily increased in healthcare, which is struggling with a lack of money and a lack of specialists. The trend was reversed by the national government.
- In his tax system, the lower PIT tax rate was 17% and the upper tax rate was 32% (above HUF 5,000,000). The only problem is that the tax was calculated from super-gross and applied gross, so 17% actually meant 21.58% and 32% 40.64%. Currently PIT 15%
- In 2 years (2007-2008), the left took more than 14,000 teachers to the streets and closed more than 100 schools (institutions). Another 748 schools were closed down and merged into other institutions. With this, the local school was abolished in 1000 settlements. At the same time, student travel discounts were reduced by 17.7% and 28 rail sidings were closed at 942 km. for a long time.
- Those who dared to inherit anything from their deceased parents were penalized with an inheritance tax of 18%, a property inheritance tax of 9% and, in the case of motor vehicles, double the transfer cost. Fidesz abolished these tributes.
- In 2010, the average age of buses used in public transport reached 18 years, today their average age is below 10 years.
- After the crisis of 2008, the Hungarian construction industry was not supported, the construction industry practically ceased to exist, tens of thousands of people lost their jobs, many professionals fled abroad, and many companies went bankrupt.
- HUF 2,853 billion in damage was caused by PPP contracts on the M5 and M6 motorways. We will pay the bill by 2040, throwing about HUF 170-180 billion a year out the window. Of the 2,853 billion in damages incurred, the total cost is more than 3,900 billion.
- By 2010, 32 percent of Hungarians were pushed into poverty, today this number has fallen below 12 percent, the number of people living in deep poverty was 481 thousand at the time of their regeneration, and today this number has dropped to 103 thousand.
- The upper age limit for family allowance has been reduced from 23 to 20 years.
- Ticket and season ticket prices have been raised by 159 percent in 8 years. In comparison, since 2010, prices have not increased until 2020. There was a few percent increase this year due to inflation.
- Before 2010, the difference between the average wage and the minimum wage was much bigger, they were the “government of the rich”!
- An average family’s overhead spending was 22 per cent compared to other expenditures in 2010, today that figure is 16 per cent.
- Hajdú-Bét: 500 injured, 9 suicidal, 5,500 million unpaid bills. Thanks Bajnai, she's fine.
- Seville scandal: 400 injured subcontractors, 11 billion forints stolen, secret party financing. The victims were compensated by Fidesz after 2010.
- They took a monthly pension
- The retirement age has been raised
- They took a month's salary from public administration employees and teachers
- They wanted to introduce a property tax
- Corporate tax has been raised
- VAT has been raised
- Sukoró telephony
- An IMF loan of EUR 20 billion, of which a total of EUR 14.2 billion was drawn down over two years. This corresponds to roughly HUF 5,000 billion.
- The amount of sick pay has been reduced
- “Subsistence crime” has been legalized, with three times more crimes registered before 2010 than at present.
- The Mátra Power Plant, which provides 17 percent of the country's electricity supply, has been sold. Fidesz repurchased this strategic facility.
- HUF 3,000 billion of public money was wheeled into the pension funds of the friends.
- Hundreds of state-owned companies have been privatized, only a few of them: MALÉV, Tigáz, Máv Cargo, Titász, Édász, Dédász, Démász, Elmű, Ibusz, Rába, Antenna Hungária, MKB, OTP, Matáv, MOL, Budapest Airport, Posta Bank, Hungarocamion, etc. they sold everything that was profitable.
- Net debt of households increased from 30% to 81% in 8 years (compared to disposable income)
- Surányi led the way in nullifying the country's gold reserves.
- OPNI closed (although they would need it now jelenleg)
- Even without the virus, the country was plunged into an annual -6% recession
- During their 8 years, the number of newly placed cars in Hungary has dropped from 250,000 to 60,000 per year. By the end of their regression, virtually only companies had bought a new car, people didn’t have the money to do so.
- Kindergarten and crèche meals were paid, today more than 1 million children eat for free.
- Under the leadership of Simor, the MNB was at a heavy loss, and the remaining gold reserves were also exported abroad. Under Matolcsy's control, the MNB is profitable, its gold reserves have increased tenfold to 31.5 tons, and it supports the Hungarian state from the profits.
- The total cost of the M5-M6 motorways will be HUF 3,924 billion due to the PPP contract, which means that a single kilometer of motorways was built for HUF 10.72 billion before 2007. This is five times the realistic (expensive) price.
- The foreign exchange ratio of public debt was raised to 45 percent.
- The SOCOCOL was abolished, which was not a large amount compared to the current CSOK anyway. Families were left alone with their home-building problems. After 2010, the introduction of no family support elements was supported.
- The share of state-owned companies has been reduced from 30% to 3% of GDP in 8 years
- The number of children born during their registration decreased (from 9.5 to 9 per 1000 per year)
- During their reorganization, 60 percent of state assets were sold, 190 well-functioning, profitable companies were privatized, and a significant part of them were also bankrupt by the owner (eg MALÉV).
- 283 kindergartens were closed, 1191 kindergarten teachers were fired between 2002 and 2010.
- The left has introduced university tuition.
- In 2008, during the crisis, the left helped banks with HUF 600 billion. Now the banks are paying, the creditors have received HUF 3,600 billion in help, and the banks have set an extra bank tax.
- The interest tax has been introduced: the already declining savings have also been penalized. In the case of Gyurcsánys, the interest on the already taxed money was also taxed.
- The EVA rate has been raised from 15 percent to 20 percent.
- Gas price subsidies have been abolished.
- Agricultural subsidies have been reduced.
- Contributions have been raised.
- Huge sums were taken away from public transport.
- Government Quarter: 10 billion was spent on it and nothing was built.
- A CEU teacher wrote a state textbook before 2010.
- The foreign exchange trap was caused by them, while lying that the government did not save the foreign exchange. The government has rescued 155,000 foreign currency borrowers from eviction
- The framework for education before 2010 has been reduced.
- HUF 251 billion of debt was left in Budapest in 2010.
- The reserve army was abolished in 8 years, in Gyurcsány's time we had 17 reservists, now we have 10,000.

🔴2. Sins of the left after 2010:

- An international expiration campaign was organized for NAT.
- They are constantly spreading false news about everything: they never set up bloodthirsty statements as if they had been made by the current Hungarian ministers and state secretaries. Eg "Katalin Novák: it is not the state that has to support pensioners"
- They have nestled in all organizations that seem to be national, but in fact contain a few dozen activists (eg PDSZ, Hungarian Teachers 'Association, History Teachers' Association, etc.). They’re also there in the MOK, they’ve lowered the medical chamber to level 444, spreading fake news (e.g. dirty, run-down shower)
- Abortion is supported against having a child.
- Lies have been spread about overdue vouchers for retirees.
- Migration is supported instead of dealing with demographic problems with the birth of Hungarian children.
- An attempt was made to make National Consultations impossible. They attacked the online interface, stole the arches.
- They constantly pollute Hungarians, Christians, heterosexuals, Fideszians, threaten to kill them, light a lantern, and make everyone who does not beg for them.
- They developed the prison business into an industry, earning billions by suing the Hungarian state.
- They attack the Paks II project - if they come to power, the project will stop and Hungary will remain vulnerable in terms of energy supply.
- They lie about the price of gas, they say that the world market price is low now, so why is it that we pay for the cheapest gas, before 2010 we paid for the second most expensive? Was there no world market price then?
- They lied about the time of the ambulance's arrival, although today the OMSZ measures the data with instruments, it cannot be manipulated, every call and arrival can be queried and tracked. Whoever says otherwise, name when and where the ambulance did not go out on time!
- As the epidemic situation intensifies, more and more lies are being spread about the health care system. They do everything they can to make them more infected and more dead, their camouflage doctors campaign against wearing a mask (eg Gődény)
“At the beginning of the first wave of the epidemic, they caused an artificial store panic by constantly lying that buying had started. In the end, he really set off.
- The Gyöngyöspata scandal was organized, their aim is to jump people together, we need cases that violate the sense of justice of decent people.
- They would tear down the fence, they think migration is a fake problem.
- The resources allocated to the government's obligation to provide information are lied to be "propaganda money", while the law requires the government to provide information (newspaper, TV, advertisements, press conferences, etc.)
- They lied about CSOK: CSOK is not a “clump” because a “chocolate” house can also be sold.
- Álcivil supports serial organizations (eg HCLU, Helsinki, Amnesty, etc.), and in return these organizations push the left's cart into Hungary's internal affairs by grossly interfering.
- Photos of all kinds of Romanian and Russian dilapidated buildings are constantly published to Hungarian hospitals, thus breeding their naive followers. Today, the MOK has joined this line.
- They use the Alinsky method, their goal is to take power at all costs, if necessary, even at the cost of street riots. Hadházy, Momentum and others are already talking about this openly.
- In an epidemic situation, instead of uniting, they attacked the government even more harshly, created insecurity and hatred in society, demonized the Operational Tribe, the doctors, the Chief Medical Officer.
- According to them, the government is xenophobic, while they are the ones who Romanianize and Ukrainian our compatriots living abroad.
- Anna Donáth regretted that the first Hungarian people infected with the coronavirus were not Hungarians.
“Gender propaganda would be brought into kindergartens already, the Momentum is at the forefront of this madness. A rainbow flag was set on our public buildings.
- In the middle of the first wave of the epidemic, Hadházy called for civil disobedience.
- While the rich people and politicians of the national side donated, the left settled the matter with 20 masks.
- Proceedings and penalties against Hungary are constantly being urged in Brussels. Dobrev, Donáth, Czech and Ujhelyi are its main organizers.
- The left-liberal propaganda media and the parties have used the epidemic to fight for themselves. Even the live broadcast of the Operational Tribe was included in the call to action.
- Momentum regretted the banks for introducing a moratorium on loan repayments.
- They did not support the introduction of the extraordinary legal order, thus postponing the adoption of the law by 1 week, although the left-handedness was not interrupted, but it did extra work.
- They lied about public institutions, health care institutions (eg there is nothing for doctors to eat, no soap, no mask, etc.)
- The mayors of the left abused the government of the decree: they decided to sell real estate, enter into contracts with fellow companies, and exchange people instead of epidemiological measures.
- They lied that the protective equipment was bought for us by Europe, while it turned out that we did not buy it only from domestic sources.
- O1G masks were manufactured by Momentum.
- They lied about the moratorium on loan repayment: the reality is that the repayer cannot grow, no interest can be charged.
- They attacked the law sanctioning the spread of horror: it is clear, as they are the ones who spread the horror news.
- Criminals serving their final sentences would have been released from prison on the grounds of the epidemic.
"The Chief Medical Officer was constantly attacked, and all sorts of charlatans were declared instead."
- They lied about the economic rescue package, wage compensation. They lied that 0.3% of the rate, while the economic protection package is 20 percent of GDP, about. HUF 9,000 billion. They lied that 0% of wage compensation, while it turned out to be 70%.
- Minister Kásler's letter was falsified, they lied about the repatriation of "half-stomached" patients, and about 36,000 patients were repatriated, while it turned out that no one was sent home unreasonably. Only those who were already healed went home.
“James harassed people with automatic calls while everyone focused on the defense, he pushed the Jobbikos propaganda.
- There would be only one important project in Budapest now: the Chain Bridge, the work is still standing, the public procurement took almost 1 year.
- A rental housing program has been promised, after the October elections, municipal rental housing and other real estate will be sold.
- They advertised a climate emergency, demonstrated, and posted on Facebook, while not planting any pests, in exchange for cutting down trees that they still wanted to save in the campaign.
- After coming to power, they carried out political cleansing in Budapest and other rural towns, replacing all the specialists who they thought were "Fidesz".
- 5 deputies, 44 consultants in Budapest, millions of contracts for friends, withdrawals and price increases for the population.
- They tried to drill (and in part succeeded) the Liget project
- The Budapest super hospital project was stopped
- Lying about culture and the arts, the current government has doubled the amount of subsidies since 2010, they are always just abstract.
- False news and horror news are spread about Lake Balaton, schools, hospitals, epidemic management.
- The construction of the mobile dam on the Roman coast was stopped, although the project was already underway
- Mouthpiece ordinances prohibit municipal employees from making statements in the cities they have “taken back”.
- Hospital scandals have been organized to expire the government: e.g. Szabolcs Badacsonyi, a former SZDSZ party soldier, was fired as a hospital director by a respected doctor, followed by the dismissal of the doctor's colleagues.
- Molestation cases: Gréczy, Havas, Donáth, Wittinghoff, etc.
- Stopping developments in "reclaimed" cities. Total incompetence: either they don’t want cities to be built or they don’t understand what their job would be.
- Márky-Zay would list the judges who would make judgments that do not suit him
- After coming to power, they raised local taxes in the "reclaimed" cities: land tax, building tax, tourist tax
- In 2 weeks, the MOK raged with 60,000 new infections
- "no mask, multi-mask, no ventilator, multi-ventilator", etc.
- Instead of defending, they spent tens of millions on their own Facebook pages (per page) “Morning, night and evening” pushed Orbán phobia.
- They lied about the blood supply: no one forbade the use of the mask.
- Czeglédy's dirty paper, nyat.hu was happy with the spread of the epidemic.
- They are lying about a European pension, a European minimum wage and a basic income, while there is no money for them, there never was and never will be. There is a work-based society in Hungary, not aid-based.
- According to Hadházy, the Armed Forces are stupid, and the money spent on the development of the Armed Forces is "thrown away money"
- Left mayors talk about “scratching” while managing more money in 2020 than in 2019.
- It was shocked that part of the party funding was reallocated by the government to save lives.
- The number of flights in Budapest was reduced, thus increasing the possibility of infection.
- Every third person cared for in a nursing home in Budapest became infected, more than 50 people died. Karácsony did not even visit the institutions where scabies infection was raging, the patients were malnourished and dehydrated.
“The rich should pay” - only according to them, everyone who earns more than the average wage is rich.
- The local media of the “taken back” cities are censored, made impossible, closed down, money is taken away. They do not tolerate other opinions.
- They lied to the foreign press by closing Parliament while not closing it.
- They lied that we had the worst mortality rate, while the numbers showed that we had one of the best, one in terms of population mortality one of the lowest.
- Karácsony increased the salaries of the company executives he appointed by 40 percent.
- They boycotted the graduation and then asked why he was not oral.
- The fee for social rental housing was raised in Óbuda - right in the middle of the epidemic.
- HUF 1 billion was withdrawn from kindergartens, nurseries and developments in Újbuda.
- They lied “Full Power”, and then it turned out that it was not, neither legally nor in practice, no one abused the extraordinary legal order on the side of the government, but the left-wing mayors did.
- Hadházy and Szél organized a meaningless rumbling demonstration, received the fine, and then earned a good one.
- They have been afraid of press freedom for 10 years, while they are free to O1G.
- Tímea Szabó corresponded to American newspapers for 5 years on the protection of “vulnerable” groups, coordinated a migrant program at Helsinki for 4 years (serial organization).
- In Göd, the jobs of 4,300 people were endangered by their appearance coalition. The Samsung factory was rescued by the government with the institution of the special economic zone.
- The institution of overhead cuts was attacked (utilities go bankrupt).
- They attacked the labor code (slave law).
- They attacked the elimination of stock market sharks playing with private pension funds (stealing 3,000 billion in the Zorban).
- "Client" was recruited for lawsuits against hospitals.
- They lied about 4 million hungry and half a million new unemployed.
- Sarlatans everywhere: Karácsony his health consultant was not a doctor but an ambulance nurse, Korózs' "ambulance nurse" was never that, a camouflage video was shot in front of the headquarters of the OMSZ His orthopedic and homeopathic comrades took it for granted that the Virologists of the Operational Tribe did not discuss them.
- Gergely Karácsony's actions against motorists who do not have a license.
- During the epidemic, the salaries of kindergarten teachers and nurses were reduced in several cities, and in some places the salaries of municipal employees were reduced to HUF 0.
- Hospitals that were already burdened were attacked with unnecessary data requests.
- Stolen speeches in Parliament, stolen economic plans and climate strategies in local governments.
“They constantly insult the people of the countryside: they think the people in the countryside are ignorant, they just move between the pub and the church.
- In the summer, tourism was attacked without stopping (in connection with subsidies, 5,000 thousand forint flames, Tiborcz, Lőrinc, etc. - usual nonsense).
- They insult Christianity, our religion, they laugh at the fact that we are Christian Democrats, they make fun of churches, our faith.
- They have been “stadiums” for 10 years, while tensing thousands of other projects (kindergartens, schools, crèches, roads, hospitals, surgeries, etc.).
- They are constantly scribbling, graffiti, littering, violating people's right to privacy, property, harassing the families of politicians and public figures, intimidating right-wing journalists, spying, eavesdropping, etc.
- In 2010, the law on dual citizenship and naturalization was not voted on (eg Gyurcsány).
- In 2019, there was no vote to declare 2020 the Year of National Inclusion.
"If you don't make 100 million a year, you're stupid" (Lackner).
- They wanted to adopt a gender lobby in the Istanbul Convention.
- "stick mixing"
- The support of pensioners was taken away in Újpest.
- “family allowances”, while today the amount of the tax allowance and the family allowance is 82 per cent for 1 child, 150 per cent for 2 children and 145 per cent for 3 children than in the time of Gyurcsány.
- They fill the brains of their Brussels buddies full of lies so that they can launch external attacks against Hungary in the EP.
- They are campaigning in Brussels to deprive us of the development resources we deserve. They need a lagging Hungary.
- Judit Varga was not allowed to speak in the EP when it came to dragging Hungary again.
“They lied about the ventilators, broke into a hospital, and released an unknown person as a hospital employee and made a video of a lie.
- Demonize national-minded entrepreneurs, e.g. Lőrinc Mészáros, although he builds, employs 25,000 people, donates and taxes.
- Divide et impera. Their goal is to divide society based on religious, ethnic, property, place of residence, and other considerations.
- They lied about the wages of those working in the covid department. The truth is that wages rose to 180 percent and then wages to 150 percent as the epidemic fell, but by no means fell.
- Despite their election promises, the pensioners did not receive the HUF 20,000 heating subsidy in Budapest.
- They attacked the introduction of the school guard, although with this the government is protecting children, women (teachers).
- Support racist BLM and Antifa movements.
- The renovation work of the Elizabeth camps was attacked. It does not matter to them the conditions under which 100,000 children camp.
- The money spent on the development of each area is lied to being given to “Butcher” or “Rachel”, although this is not true, everyone can get development money, the considerations are not political but economic. The tourism sector has been embraced by the government, including everyone.
- After they came to power, they withdrew the money from the Fidesz districts of Budapest, in Tarlós's time there was no such discrimination.
- They lied that all the beaches of Lake Balaton are paid, while more than half of them are free, and in terms of size, these beaches make up three-quarters of all the beaches.
- Momentum accuses Hungary of homophobia in Brussels.
- List the Fidesz companies they consider (hotels, restaurants, etc.) "NER hotel"
“They organized the index misfortune in-house, while the government, which had nothing to do with it, was overthrown.
- They have raised parking fees in every city they have “taken back”, there are some where they are 30 percent, all without justification. Go chase the car.
- The left-wing media keep secret what is happening in the West: persecution of Christians, rape, “no go” zones, rising crime, and so on.
- Tarlós was suspected of corruption, the investigation established that there was no corruption.
- They constantly lie that the government is anti-tree, while hundreds of millions of trees have been planted since 2010, forests are growing at an unprecedented rate and cities are greening.
- The rainbow coalition will only function until the election, after which it will fall apart (eg Göd, Szolnok, Ferencváros) We do not want Hungary to become inoperable if they join the government.
- Brainwashing camps are organized for young people (eg HCLU, Momentum, DK, etc.)
- They would restrict the right to vote on the basis of their own tastes (eg rural people, no elderly people, no low-educated people)
- Visual measures: Insect hotels instead of rental apartments, creation of traffic chaos with bicycle lanes instead of solving parking problems, drinking fountain to the metro instead of air conditioning, etc.
- A lie about Lake Balaton, they didn't sell half of Lake Balaton now, but they sold it to their friends, e.g. SCD and then the resorts were not developed.
- They are responsible for the roughening of politics and public discourse, their politicians are sinking deeper and deeper, setting an example for their faithful as well. For example, a "horse on the head" sign in Parliament, or "lamp-waxing", etc.
- Traffic chaos in Elizabeth City.
- Hungarians across the border would be deported from Hungary.
- With their help, the EU 'rule of law' blackmails us and the other V4 countries with a rubber rule: the rule of law is what they think it is.
- They talk about tolerance, understanding, while banning everyone. Now only on Facebook, and then if they come to power, they will physically and "make it run-down".

Some examples of their post-election performance:https://www.facebook.com/number/posts/182860549857753
They are preparing for street riotshttps://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/posts/199349278208880

🔴3. The 10 main lies of liberals

- Liberals are fighting for the rights of EUROPEAN WOMEN and admitting to hundreds of thousands those who disregard women.
- Liberals are fighting for the rights of CHILDREN, but are settling in those whose legal system allows little girls up to the age of 8 to be married and also supports abortion.
- Liberals are fighting for the RULE OF LAW and tolerating the Saria police in their Western European countries, thus creating a "state" within the state.
- Liberals accuse Hungary of ANTI-SEMITISM while freeing millions of illegal anti-Semitic migrants from European Jewry.
- Liberals fight for freedom of expression, but do not tolerate other opinions, stigmatize others in an exclusionary way (no one who disagrees with them is Nazi, racist, homophobic, exclusionary)
- Liberals are fighting for the extra rights of HOMOSEXUALS while calling to Europe those who, to put it mildly, do not share these views
- Liberals fight for HUMAN DIGNITY while demonizing and insulting people who express dissenting opinions with their mouths.
- Liberals are fighting for EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, but they only take into account the chances of deviant people, people of foreign cultures, compared to indigenous Europeans.
- Liberals are fighting for EUROPEAN VALUES, but European values ​​no longer include Christian culture, the traditional family model, national identity, patriotism, real freedom of the press.


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