Hungary's economy is diverse and unique

For the attention of “összeszerelőüzemezők” - Part 1

Hungary's economy is diverse and unique

The Economic Complexity Index (ECI) measures the diversity and uniqueness of each country's economy. Hungary ranks 10th in this ranking.

In other words, the indicator characterizes the world trade embeddedness of the countries' economies and the uniqueness of the products produced. World trade embeddedness is shown by how diverse the product range of a country’s exports is, while the uniqueness of the products is indicated by how many more countries are still able to produce the products.
This indicator is not similar to a monster born from the Momentum and the DK covenant, but was developed at Harvard University, calculated from the UN COMTRADE database.

Hungary's economy ranks tenth in this imaginary competition. The most pulling sectors are automotive, IT, telecommunications, agriculture, electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, tourism, and transportation.
We are overtaken by Japan, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, among others, but we are behind the United States, Italy, France, China, Poland, Turkey, Norway, Canada, and a hundred other countries.

We are sending a message to dozens of intellectuals of the “összeszerelőüzemezők”: the economy does not operate from the CEU gender department, nor from the multitude of endless meetings of sensitized managers, nor from the awareness of Libernyans, nor from the squint of ignorant and paid O1Gs. Furthermore, it will not be even more competitive from the distortions of left-liberal news portals (see HVG). The economy will be diverse from work and expertise and otherwise unique, as will work and expertise to produce a salable product.

Industry 4.0 is the framework for industrial change today, referring to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where IT and automation are playing an increasingly important role. In such a factory, machines communicate with each other (M2M) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms based on BigData are increasingly involved in automatic decisions. Its widespread spread is a process that will take decades, so from now until tomorrow no one will take the work of anyone, only the responsibilities will be transformed gradually. And Skynet remains a utopia.

At the same time, we are preparing our vocational training and education to train professionals who adapt to high levels of expertise and are open to new things.

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