The left has been clowning for 10 years, holding back work for 10 years

The left has been clowning for 10 years, holding back work for 10 years

Where would we go now if, in the last 10 years, we had not had to devote a significant part of our time, energy and money to refuting the lies of the left, preventing and preventing the left's actions that make it difficult for us to develop and work? They don’t really have any arguments as to why the current 10-year-old civilian government would be bad for the Hungarian people, they just know why it’s bad for them: it’s bad for them because they can’t steal, they can’t deceive and to expose Hungary to foreign interests.

What are you rebelling against, comrades? Against the family support system? Against tax cuts? Against new investments? Kindergarten / school / nursery / doctor's office against renovations? Don’t like free textbooks, free baby food? Don't like built highways, roads, bridges? Don't like the 13th month retirement? Don't like hospital development? Don't like the credit moratorium during the epidemic? Maybe the 10-year real wage increase is your problem, or home-building subsidies?

Don't clown: tell me how you would do it! Would you keep the current subsidies or not? From whom would you take it and to whom would you give it? The fact that O1G is clear, but that the Prime Minister will be different from Orbán, will not solve anything! Do you look so stupid to your followers that you are “old-fashioned” and meanwhile keep secret that if you came to power, what would you do differently?
You accuse the government of corruption, but where are the lawsuits? Where are the reports? Who steals? Where do you steal? If you know someone is stealing, report it. if you do not report, you are just lying.


In the picture, a couple of their “actions,” which now suddenly came to mind, were, of course, much more than that. It can also be seen from the support of the movements that the Hungarian people think completely differently than they do.

📌1. "Full car roadblock": A loud group of 11,000 people on Facebook organized a car blockade that failed miserably. Roughly 40 people gathered in a few cars, the police, and all sane people just laughed at them. One of the speakers confessed that he had 3 daughters. Are you seriously "trying to overthrow a system"? You who put almost 2 million forints in your pocket every year just in the form of tax relief and family allowance? Are you eligible for free textbooks, meals, or a 7-seater new car, or are you eligible for a non-refundable home improvement grant of at least HUF 20 million? Are you ready to replace the reset family benefits from other sources if the left comes to power? What destiny, what life, what country do you want to leave your children? A family-friendly or anti-Hungarian country? Shame on you!
Here is the video:

📌2. Gődény's anti-mask demonstration: here, too, it was a "national demonstration", while there are more people in any rural "ÁFÉSZ" on Saturday than there were at this demonstration. What were they protesting against? Don't you want to live? Do you think that Orbán invented mask wearing? Look around the world, this pandemic is affecting all of humanity, exactly the same measures have been put in place in every country to protect people’s lives. Do you think that wearing a mask is such a big sacrifice so that our compatriots do not hear it and Hungary remains functional? In a charlatan of Gödény, he is not even a doctor, he picks up the white cloak, he is honored as a god by his 100,000 followers on Facebook - but only there. However, they did not go to the anti-mask demonstration, as it would be cool to demonstrate in a mask against the mask, without a mask they were cowards, because although Gődény is worshiped as an idol, the existence of the virus is not denied by sane people.
Even MOK, led by Gyula Kincses, who is currently spreading fake news, has distanced himself from the Sarlatans.

📌3. No NAT: Did you remember how much hysteria there was on social media? 25,000 signatures have been collected against the new National Core Curriculum, all sorts of putty associations that seem to be nationwide, in reality, bringing together a few dozen people, such as. the PDSZ, the Association of History Teachers, the Association of Hungarian Teachers, etc. then when a demonstration was organized, there were about thirty. The "gig demonstration" failed, the shooting range dog was not interested in this whole hysteria because people understood that NAT is not against us, but for us.
The PDSZ is the party's political weapon, their task is to attack all measures related to education. They boycotted the baccalaureate and then held the government accountable for not being verbal, but even protesting against teachers ’pay rises, underestimating them, while not wanting to see that a lot of people didn’t get a pay raise this year, teachers, doctors, law enforcement , social workers yes. The state has become the most humane employer.ák_Alaptanterv_szerint_oktinta_oktatas

📌4. Hysteria against László Kövér. What did László Kövér say? The Speaker told left-wing politicians that "There is nothing more sad when you see a woman's face distorted by hatred for being a man." and he was absolutely right. The behavior of Tímea Szabó, Gurmai, Vadai, Szél, Bangóné, Kunhalmi and others is outrageous and sad. Thus, no ordinary person can behave in any community, and a Member of Parliament, above all, must set an example. Left-wing MPs did not protest when their comrades lanterned or ratcheted. Here is a video of insults from the left, of course not complete, as there is much more to it. What did this believer go out for? There is only one thing, of course: anti-government and increasing orbán phobia. Vaata_szanalomu_Kover_Laszlo

📌5. Hadházy's O1G, bagpipe demonstration "Whistle to hear Orbán too!" with a slogan. To this day, we do not understand what their purpose was in the first wave of the epidemic. Perhaps the fact that, because of their constructive nature, they are unable to appear in the press in the absence of it, they invent such clowning because it can get them into the spotlight. The demonstration was TRAFFIC and illegal, so they also received the penalties imposed on them, which, of course, they raised money from their sympathizers. Would it be difficult for them to pay a fine of HUF 250,000 in addition to their millions in salaries? Do they know that what they are doing is illegal, yet they did it, and when they received the foreseeable fine, they do it? Shame!

📌6. " strong images" at MTVA headquarters. The left, which imagines itself to be revolutionaries, of course, sent the women forward here too, and they tried to occupy the headquarters of MTVA. Of course, here too Momentum, Hadházy and Szél Bernadett were the main organizers, they don't need order, but anarchy, blood, they like to fish in the confused. We wrote an opinion on this, describing what the left is up to, how it is radicalizing its camp, why politicians are behaving this way, and what their purpose is. Let's nail one for each case: Hungary has 50,000 police officers, 30,000 Honvéd, 10,000 reserve soldiers and at least 500,000 patriots ready for action, and we will jointly defend MTVA and Hungary. There will be no "Maidan", no "Minsk", no "Arab Spring"

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