"The credit moratorium will be extended by half a year," says today's news

Let's look at the overall picture of dealing with the current economic crisis and the measures taken during the 2008 economic crisis managed by the Gyurcsánys.

"The credit moratorium will be extended by half a year," says today's news

The Gyurcsánys did not spare the Hungarians, the crisis hurt on its own, as more than 100,000 people lost their jobs in a few months across the country with group redundancies, the repayments of foreign currency borrowers doubled, prices rose, but wages did not. The people who lost their jobs at the time became permanently unemployed, they managed to double the 6 percent unemployment rate recorded at the beginning of Gyurcsánye's rule, and the nearly 12 percent unemployment persisted until 2013. It took the Fidesz government 3 years to repay the IMF loan taken by the left and start the economy.
- Freeze of wages
- Eviction of foreign currency creditors
- Mass layoffs
- Overhead increase
- IMF loan
- Tax increases
- Delete Socpol
- Raising the retirement age
- Reduction of GYES
- Cancellation of tax benefits
they characterized left-wing "crisis management," which in practice meant that people who were already in trouble were hit even further by their government, not helping people in trouble at all. The Gyurcsánys left the Hungarians alone with their problems and further increased them.

In contrast, the Orbán government manages the crisis by not losing but giving people even more.
- Credit moratorium
- Tax cuts
- Family support and
expanding home creation subsidies
- Workplace protection action plan
- Continuation of developments
- 13th month pension
- Retraining program
- Encourage investment
Only a few of the measures that have recently been introduced or abolished despite the crisis.
Every Hungarian is responsible for every Hungarian. The government protects jobs, creates new jobs through targeted subsidies and tax cuts, and has created an economic environment that has made Hungary one of the 10 most popular investment destinations in the world. Hungarian families are helped and supported by a series of measures to dare to have children and dare to create a home, as no one is alone today, Hungary has become a family-friendly country.

These are just a few thoughts, at the end of the article we link full articles to each topic, with a source, specific data, numbers. The friend gets to know him in trouble, and the numbers and facts show that the Fidesz-KDNP government was a friend of the people, the left-wing government was his enemy. A crisis can also be handled without hurting, and the current government has proven this.

Here is the performance of individual governments in times of crisis:

🔴Left side:
📌Crisis management.
📌Restrictions in times of crisis:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/701/Balliberalis_valsagkezeles
📌A deficit of HUF 7 billion in 7 months in Miskolc
📌They took part of the kindergarten's salary
📌Data from the year before the economic crisis: the left has weakened the country, which is why the crisis has hurt so much.
📌Despite the crisis, tens of millions of contracts for buddies
📌Billions are also absorbed in Hódmezővásárhely
📌Márki-Zay is reducing her salary and threatening to fire her employees
📌They would tribute the middle class
📌They left behind bills to be paid by 2040, we still pay for their motorways today, and we will pay for another 20 years, throwing 150-200 billion forints a year out the window.

📌Thanks to the economic protection action plan, thousands of billion in subsidies, the number of employees is growing again. The article still includes 4,472,000, but according to August data, the number of employees is again over 4.5 million:
📌Instead of restrictions, tax cuts, here are the specific tax types and numbers.
📌No person is left without income
📌Further tax cuts
📌Economic protection action plan
📌Family support, births, marriages
📌In Europe, the Hungarian government spends the most on families
📌Creating a home
📌Free textbooks
📌Increasing birth rate
📌PIT exemption
📌Home protection action plan, helping foreign currency borrowers after the 2010 change of government.
📌Nine out of ten previously troubled foreign currency borrowers repurchased their homes.https://infostart.hu/belfold/2020/05/27/megszunik-a-nemzet-eszkozkezelo

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