Left-wing livelihood parties and politicians have managed to steal a total of 260,000 arcs

Left-wing livelihood parties and politicians have managed to steal a total of 260,000 arcs

They set it up as a huge success, not really, as the questionnaires were filled out by 1,793,000 people and sent back to the Government. Only 14.5 percent of that amount was managed by the left. We will not be demagogues, obviously there were quite a few of the collected sheets that their deceived believers gave them voluntarily, but it is also factually true that they failed several times with their organized actions, stole the sheets from mailboxes, trash people's personal data into a lot of mailboxes. the arches didn't come either, because they were already "rounded their legs" during delivery.
It is also unclear how many sheets they have managed to copy in print, as the sheet is not a form with security features, but a plain A4 printed paper that can be duplicated with a better quality home printer.

And Momentum is especially proud that 4 people have spent time equivalent to 1 year of working time collecting 85,000 sheets. If Momentum had spent this time with something useful, such as planting trees, helping elderly, needy people, possibly picking up trash, or at least not doing anything, they could have gained a lot more support. This hour corresponding to the 1-year working time of 4 people is just the numbers of Momentum, along with the other livelihood parties and politicians, their activists, how many years of working time have been wasted on nothing?

Shame on the left! Are you serious about just running? Can they just destroy, hold back others, stumble? Why not engage in constructive activities? Just a little, just pointing, at least for "k. Strong images" ....

How pathetic is best shown by the post of Ferenc Gelencsér, who achieved a total of 10 shares and 92 emoticons in 13 hours. This also shows that even among their own sympathizers, their failed attempt to make the National Consultation impossible, as it turned out, did not have undivided success.

Source: (Gelencsér's post, feel free to write your opinions to him)https://www.facebook.com/gelencser.ferenc.momentum/posts/337604664257095

The official result:https://www.facebook.com/alexandraszentkiralyi.gov/posts/191078432406699

Hadházy's video of "huge success" https://www.facebook.com/hadhazyakos/videos/4385721478166291

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