Mrs. Gyurcsány - listen now! "Morning, night and evening" should not lie, but work!

This is for you, personally from the founder of Numbers

Mrs. Gyurcsány - listen now!  "Morning, night and evening" should not lie, but work!

The billionaire Gyurcsány, who constantly works in Brussels for roughly HUF 5 million a month in public money to expel Hungary, initiate proceedings against Hungary, lie (just like her husband) "morning and night" said in the ATV:

“Due to the weak forint and inflation, prices are going up brutally. I was just thinking one day that I was looking at fruit and vegetable prices, that hundreds of thousands of children in Hungary will probably grow up if everything stays that way, say, they don’t taste raspberries. Three thousand forints per kilo of raspberries. Who has money for this in Hungary? ” Klára Gyurcsányné asks in the ATV.

Read these lines carefully, a simple Hungarian man, a rural field worker, a taxpayer writes this.

You know, Klara, the thing is that the current policy is about work and Hungarian families. You are unfamiliar with these words because when you were given the opportunity to govern, you were not encouraged to work or start a family. Your regression was characterized by 250,000 new unemployed, 11.3% unemployment, foreign exchange trap, robbery privatization, IMF loan, price increases, skyrocketing overheads. Well, then we really didn’t even have the opportunity to have our own home, start a family, have a child, and buy some raspberries if necessary.

Since 2010, there has been a change of attitude. We have remained the same people, we live in the countryside in the same way, we work, we pay taxes, we love our country, we respect its laws and traditions, only in the meantime we have also had the opportunity to thrive. Thanks to the government's family policy, tax cuts and home-building subsidies, we have had our own, unencumbered home, we have beautiful, smart children, we have our own garden, our new car. Before 2010, we did not dare to dream that we would ever have our own house with a garden, now it has become a reality. Tax breaks, free textbooks, family allowances, free kindergarten meals, a 25 percent reduction in overheads and a price freeze 7 years ago, wage increases, tax cuts have all contributed to the fact that we’re NOT EARTHERS - no matter how much we want to be today. to be us and all Hungarian families. You can no longer buy us a "bag of fries", but we know that is your goal. You need vulnerable people on aid because you can only fool them with such "basic income" and dilettant, demagogic nonsense like this.

"Raspberries" (now formally understood, whatever can be bought or produced) are not to be expected from the government! You have to work for "raspberries" - hard, from morning to night, from sight to flash. You don’t have to lie “morning to night and evening” but to WORK and you will have “raspberries”, there will be everything.

If there is work - everything is there, and fortunately there is work in Hungary today. Even in spite of the epidemic, 650 thousand more people work in Hungary today than in your time. The government does not provide “raspberries,” but creates an opportunity for everyone to buy or produce “raspberries,” and from now on, it depends on everyone’s personal attitude. If someone wants to study, work, develop because they switch in order to create better conditions for themselves and their families, they will prosper. And your supporters have only been holding their hands for 70 years, and now they are just waiting for you to give them "zorban."

Free work, work avoidance, the aid-based society came to an end and were replaced by the work-based society.

It would be time for you to grow up for the task, and if you already think there are kids who don’t eat raspberries, you could have really surprised them with a few eyes out of your billions. And we're going to the garden now, because the pears are ripe, we have to pick them.
The picture shows our own crop! We tell your fans who live within the boulevard to move to the countryside because rural life is wonderful!❤️🇭🇺

Founder of Numbers.

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