New workplaces, roads, public institutions, schools, kindergartens, tourism. Let's see today's collection!

This is how Hungary is built - every day

New workplaces, roads, public institutions, schools, kindergartens, tourism.  Let's see today's collection!

🇭🇺1. A major investment arrives in the Budapest agglomeration: a new factory is being built

The 13,000-square-meter plant will produce, among other things, the electrolytes needed for the batteries.
Dongwha Electrolyte Hungary Kft. Will establish a plant for about HUF 11 billion, with which it will create 90 new jobs in the first step, it was revealed at the press conference announcing the investment today.
Sóskút will be the group's first European plant in Hungary, with a production area of ​​about 13,000 square meters, where the electrolytes needed for batteries will be produced and the solvents and chemicals produced during battery production will be recycled.
Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó emphasized at the press conference that the investments of Samsung SDI, SK Innovation and other large Korean battery manufacturers in Hungary created a supplier demand that also justified Dongwha's investment in Hungary.
Several investments related to battery manufacturing have arrived in the country
The transferor also revealed that in the last 4.5 years, from the beginning of 2016 until now, a total of 23 investments related to battery production have been received in Hungary. These represent an investment value of HUF 1,300 billion and created 6,300 new jobs.
The Koreans are in a leading position, as Samsung SDI and SK Innovation have brought or will establish the world's largest battery production capacities in Hungary. And the supplier base of these two big companies is constantly settling in the country
Production will take place in an environmentally friendly manner
Donghwa is the first in Hungary to start NMP refining (n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone - also known as NMP), which will recycle NMP generated during secondary battery production. This will reduce resource use, save the environment and lead to lower raw material prices.
According to the President, this kind of resource sharing will create effective cooperation between Donghwa and Hungary. This will be an important springboard for Hungary to be at the forefront of the battery industry in Europe.

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One of the Hungarian government's priority goals since 2010 is to modernize domestic health care, the state secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources responsible for EU development policy said at the handover of the renovated building of the local nurse service on Tuesday in Tiszabezdéd, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County.
Eszter Vitályos said that in recent years, 77 hospitals, 54 outpatient clinics and 104 ambulance stations have been renovated with the help of EU funds, and 23 new outpatient clinics and 31 ambulance stations have been built.
Five public health programs have been launched with targeted screening programs, more and more doctors and health professionals are working at home, life expectancy at birth is rising, and the latest statistics show more children were born this year than before, the secretary of state said.
Speaking about the EU-funded investment worth more than HUF 43 million, he said that the development would make the everyday lives of the people here easier and more comfortable.
The work of nurses in all communities, like that of doctors and teachers, is invaluable, so it is reassuring to see that supporters and guardians of Tiszabezdéd mothers and children can now carry out their activities to help families in a modern, cultured work environment.

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🇭🇺3. The grammar school in Szécsény was also expanded with a gymnasium

The new building complex of the Páter Bárkányi János Catholic Kindergarten, Primary School and Gymnasium in Szécsény was officially handed over on Monday. The government contributed HUF 500 million, the church HUF 600 million and the local government HUF 140 million to the HUF 1.3 billion investment.
The handover ceremony was opened by Tamás Szenográdi, the director of the Páter Bárkányi János Catholic Kindergarten, Primary School and Gymnasium.
He thanked all those who made the investment possible. He also mentioned the cooperation shown by the Hungarian state, the Diocese of Vác and the Municipality of Szécsény during the implementation of the project.

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🇭🇺4. The Geopark pension in Bükkszentkereszti has been handed over

The Geopark pension in Bükkszentkereszti has been handed over, which also operates as a Geopark center in the Bükk region.
Prior to the handover of the facility on Wednesday, Máriusz Révész, the government commissioner responsible for active Hungary, called it important to increase the weight of active tourism in spending free time.
The purchase of the building of the newly handed over Bükkszentkeresz facility was financed by the government commission, the resort was bought for HUF 125 million.
Mrs. Kálmánné Rónai, the director of the Bükk National Park, said that the Bükk Region Geopark was established in 2017, the founding meeting of Felsőtárkány was attended by representatives of almost half a hundred settlements,
The director emphasized that Bükk and its immediate surroundings abound in earth science values ​​that can be included in both tourism and education.
A geopark is a regional development concept based on geological and geographical features, which is connected to the network of national and international geoparks through its work organization. UNESCO Global Geoparks strive to present diverse geological values, promote their protection, and integrate them into education and tourism.
The now handed over Geopark pension functions as both a geotourism center and a pension, the building can accommodate 35 people, its special feature is that the whole building aims to present the geopark, which is reflected in the names and decor of the rooms and the geo- and ecotourism offer.

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🇭🇺5. "We and Gigén were pleased to hand over to the Mayor Ms. a beautifully renovated Medical Office from HUF 28 million within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program. This investment also serves people and families in the village to receive health care in cultured conditions!
Congratulations to the Mayor, the House of Representatives and the people of Gigee! Unity is strength!
Hajrá Gige!👍🇭🇺

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🇭🇺6. From Sunday we can drive through the Tarcsa overpass!

At the same time, the level crossing will be closed to road traffic, but pedestrians and cyclists will still be able to use it.
However, due to the final connection, traffic light diversion is still to be expected in the following places:
🔹Prince Szent Imre út - Tarcsai út - Rétvége utca junction
🔹On Tarcsai road between Almásháza street - Kopolya street.

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