Trendy topic of climate protection, they also like to talk about it a lot of left-wing politicians. Let’s see who speaks and who acts!

Trendy topic of climate protection, they also like to talk about it a lot of left-wing politicians.  Let’s see who speaks and who acts!

Gergely Karácsony promised a tree after every child born in Budapest. Somehow we don't see where the roughly 10-12 thousand trees that the mayor owes to the people of Budapest since October are. But it has also promised a panel program, which would obviously also be important for climate protection, because if we have to heat less, we will also put less strain on our environment by producing heat, extracting, transporting and buying the energy needed for it. Instead of election promises, there was a climate hyst demonstration with foreign students, artificial traffic jams, a dirty, neglected city, trees cut down in several streets, and several projects stopped by Gergely Karácsony, which could clean up and green the environment. since if e.g. if the modern center hospital had been built, then the supply could have moved from several outdated buildings, the outdated buildings could even have been demolished, and parks could be created in their place. Anyone who has seen what the central hospital is designed for understands what we are talking about, we place a link to the others at the source.

In contrast, there are those who act:

- 450 million trees planted since 2010
- In 2019, the forests expanded by 6,000 hectares
- The forests will be expanded by another 24,000 hectares this year and in the coming years
- Settlement afforestation program
- Railway development, energy modernizations
- Irrigation development

Farmers have applied for permission to plant more than 17,000 hectares of new forest

Together with the applications already in progress, the size of the wooded areas in Hungary may increase by 24,000 hectares.
In the afforestation program announced last autumn, farmers applied for the planting of more than 17,000 hectares of new forest, said the Deputy State Secretary for Forests of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoD) on Tuesday. in his show.

According to Sándor Szentpéteri, together with the already pending applications, the size of wooded areas in Hungary may increase by 24,000 hectares, which is important because in this way the negative effects of climate change can be mitigated.

He added that at the same time, the settlement afforestation program was launched, for which towns and villages with less than 10,000 inhabitants could apply.

The program could apply for 12,000 large, mostly native trees, and in a few hours they could all be distributed in the summer, he said.

The trees will be transported and planted by the National Forestry Association in two phases in autumn and spring, added Sándor Szentpéteri.

Our previous summary:
Well let's see what the reality is:

The title of the document is "Information from the Hungarian Government
energy and climate policy directions, goals, activities ", which is accessible to all, its content is supported by facts.

This is the "National Energy and Climate Plan"

We plan to reduce GHG emissions by 95% by 2050 compared to 1990, with an estimated total cost of approx. It will be HUF 50,000 billion. (The government doesn't understand its weight, does it?)

Some results:

• National afforestation program: 450 million trees planted in 10 years
• The country's emissions have fallen by 32% since 1990
• Railway development: 660 km will be renovated between 2018 and 2023, a 440 km long line will be electrified,
and a new trail or second (third) track will be built at 200 kilometers. The amount of the developments is HUF 1,000 billion.
• Development of railway transport: 115 new locomotives, 70 new IC wagons, 40 double-decker "KISS" trains, renovation of existing rolling stock.
• Paks II project: clean energy instead of coal.
• Development of public transport infrastructure: Development of stations, stops and railway stations, construction of intermodal centers.
• Development of a cycle path network: 1,500 kilometers of new cycle paths have been built in 10 years.
• Energy modernization, thermal insulation, etc. of public institutions: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, surgeries, offices will be renewed in the order of thousands.
• Encouraging household renewable energy investments
• Non-refundable Grants: Home Warmth Program
• Repayable grants: concessional loan program
• Operating subsidies: heat pump tariff, discounted solar billing: 12,000 residential
heat pump and ca. 40,000 solar power systems with a total household size of 330 MW in 2018
Support for municipal energy investments based on local renewable energy sources:
• Sustainable development, support for innovative corporate solutions ("10 billion for Áder" ...)
• Investment grants for Operational Programs: 54 schemes
• Making district-heated dwellings controllable and equipping them with cost allocators: HUF 2 billion subsidy
frame, making the heating system of up to 12,500 flats controllable, smartening
Significant expansion of PV capacities, introduction of the METÁR tendering system:
• One-third reduced need for funding, two and a half times oversubscription in the Pilot tender
Traffic greening:
• Green license plates and related discounts: more than 16,000 green license plates
• Electric car and charging installation subsidies: 2082 cars with HUF 4.5 billion so far and 171 cars with HUF 425 million
charger support
• Green Bus Program: HUF 36 billion subsidy following a HUF 1.6 billion pilot project
• Energy efficiency TAO discount: 323 projects in 2018, TAO discount requested after HUF 7.3 billion investment



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