Once again, free money would be distributed by two of perhaps the most dilettettic politicians on the left

Once again, free money would be distributed by two of perhaps the most dilettettic politicians on the left

With a roughly monthly cyclicality, the “charismatic” politicians of the left bring up the topic of free money, luring receptive, lazy, unwilling people to work. The phenomenon is not so new, as already in the October campaign went the European minimum wage, European pension, basic income, and other vile lies.

Everyone ask themselves the simple question of whether they would work so that no one else would have to. Money doesn’t grow on the tree, it has to be produced by someone, so it would be part of a society that works for itself, its family, its children and keeps the other freelancers by its side. Wouldn't you work for others? Because neither.

The reporter of ATV, János Lázár, asked János Lázár this question earlier and expressed his opinion about it in his definite style. Here are both videos:

1. Karácsony and the lying video of Tímea Szabó.
(It includes, of course, a little "NER," yacht, plane, stadium, and other common terms from the left's roughly 200-word vocabulary) Of course, there are other lies that the government hasn't helped families in the last 10 years, only the rich supports "pushing millions of workers into poverty" or "putting hundreds of thousands of families in a vulnerable position"

2. János Lázár's earlier reaction to this suggestion:
János Lázár responded extremely strongly to journalist Ildikó Csuhaj, who asked the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister's Office about the issue of basic income at the Government Info.

It is common sense for the vast majority of Hungarian society that the video was watched by only 426 people, that the Youtube channel of "Dialogue" is watched by a total of 1,350 people, and that the video received 29 "Like".

So much for basic income and populist lying politicians.

What would I do if I were introduced anyway?
- It would involve a tax increase
- It would increase the number of people living on aid
- Masses would be permanently excluded from the labor market
- It would encourage undeclared work
- It would eventually lead to further restrictions


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