In Hungary, new developments have been completed and handed over

While Gergely Karácsony is lying about hundreds of billions

In Hungary, new developments have been completed and handed over

The media is undeservingly silencing this news, most people are unaware that what we see today is not natural, it has never been this much before everything is renewed or built. Let's see today's examples!

🇭🇺1. The Reformed Church in Herend was consecrated

It was built to proclaim that we live under an open sky, the earthly world is permeated by the riches of the heavenly world, said Bishop József Steinbach of Transdanubia at the September 13 handover of the church in the Herend Reformed Church.
The Christian man stands with two feet on the ground and has a connection with the heavenly world, Bishop Joseph Steinbach emphasized at the Sunday consecration ceremony of the Reformed Church in Herend. In the proclamation of the Bishop of the Transdanubian Reformed Diocese, chapters 9–11 of the first chapter of the Gospel of Mark. based on his poems, he spoke of the baptism of Jesus: that heaven was opened and the Spirit descended upon him in the image of a dove. “The temple was built to proclaim: we live under an open sky, the earthly world is permeated by the riches of the heavenly world, Jesus Christ placed our earthly life in the context of the heavenly distance,” the preacher said. - The Spirit of God shows us that our lives are fragile pots, but He fills it; he sees that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Savior and Redeemer of our lives. ”
The history of the church, designed and built by architect Attila Gáncs, was presented at the ceremony by Pastor Árpád Kovács Botond. The idea of ​​building was raised in the 100-member congregation in 2016, and the foundation stone was laid in January 2019. The Hungarian government provided 90 million for the HUF 135 million investment. The 100 square meter building has an interior space of 75 square meters and an 18 bench can accommodate 90 people. In the basement there is a common room and a guest room.
From now on, there will be a service in Herend at four o'clock on Sunday afternoon. The mayor of László Lajos Jánszky said that it was timely to build the church, believers no longer have to travel to Szentgál for worship.

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Hungary's first significant monument to Attila was established in Vác, as the reconstruction of the equestrian statue of King Attila Károly Cser (1880-1965) arrived.
At the end of 2018, the government decided to establish the King Attila Monument, for which it provided HUF 74 million in support to the Municipality of Vác. The equestrian statue of King Attila was re-created from bronze by the sculptor Gábor Mihályi on the basis of the sculpture fragments preserved in the Hungarian National Gallery and surviving contemporary photographs.
The work of art, Hungary's first significant monument to Attila, will be the jewel of the area under Vác Castle, the portal writes.
The monastery in the background was also recently renovated with a value of HUF 2 billion.

🇭🇺3. A church, community house and parish were built in Nyíregyháza, Örökösföld

A Reformed church, a congregation house and a parish were built in Örökösföld, increasing the number of congregations in the Nyírség Reformed Diocese to 79. The last Reformed church was built in Nyíregyháza 20 years ago, but in the last 10 years all the existing ones have been renovated.
Nyíregyháza is the second strongest Reformed city in the eastern region of Hungary. In Eternal Land, the number of members of the Reformed Church has almost doubled in the last two years. The building complex, which also meets the challenges of the modern age, but also includes traditional, old values, has not only a local retaining but also a coordinating power, it was said at the ceremonial handover of the church. This year, a new Reformed church is even expected to be handed over in Rakamaz.

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🇭🇺4. The kindergarten in Balatonendréd was renewed

The kindergarten building and the courtyard of the institution in Balatonendréd were renovated with HUF 20 million government support. With the support of the Hungarian Village Program, we managed to create a more beautiful and modern environment for more than 40 young children. The successful implementation was reviewed together with the leaders of the settlement and the kindergarten workers. Come on, Balatonendréd

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🇭🇺5. St. Anne's Catholic Kindergarten handed over in Kistarcsa (with video)

More than 100 billion forints for the development of church kindergartens
The Secretary of State for Ecclesiastical and Ethnic Relations of the Prime Minister's Office also spoke about the development program of church kindergartens and the government's population policy on Friday at the handover ceremony of St. Anne's Catholic Kindergarten in Kistarcsa.
Miklós Soltész said that the government has launched a church kindergarten program, under which the Reformed Church received HUF 30 billion, the Catholic Church HUF 67 billion and the Lutheran Church HUF 9 billion.
The Secretary of State said that the number of kindergarten places had increased by more than 16,000 since 2010 and also pointed out that the total fertility rate had also risen from 1.25 in 2010 to 1.5, indicating that it was a good one. the government’s family policy is moving in that direction.
Speaking about this, he added that the number of marriages has also changed, compared to 36,000 last year compared to 36,000 in 2010, while the number of divorces decreased, in 2010 there were still 23,800, but in 2019 only 17,400 divorces were recorded.
It is not negligible that the number of abortions has decreased from 40,500 in 2010 to 25,800, which is still a lot and "we are fighting for a further decrease" - emphasized Miklós Soltész.
Richárd Tarnai, Pest County Government Commissioner, spoke about the fact that in a Catholic kindergarten, children can be entrusted to educators who are themselves believers, know what is good and what is bad, so they try to steer children in the right direction.
The new kindergarten and its users were blessed by Zsolt Marton, the bishop of the diocese of Vác.


🇭🇺6. The renovated Small Church in Városmajor was blessed

The Small Church of Városmajor was renovated, the roof structure, the facade and the interior were renovated during the reconstruction. The building, designed by Aladár Árkay, served as a church for ten years, later becoming the scene of community life.
The parish church of the Heart of Jesus in Városmajor is a complex of buildings built in the 12th century. district Csaba street. In addition to the large church and the bell tower, there is the Prohászka Ottokár Community House, built in 1925, called the “Small Church”. The two buildings are connected by a row of arcades with a semicircular-enclosed reinforced concrete structure.
According to the report of the portal, the renewal of the Small Church was celebrated by the faithful of Városmajor on September 13, when Cardinal Péter Erdő blessed the building at a primate Mass. The Esztergom-Budapest Archdiocese was able to carry out the already urgent external and internal renovation with government support.
During the one-year reconstruction, the technical condition of the building was restored and alterations were made to suit the use functions. The roof structure, facade, internal surface and lighting technology have been renewed. I would like to furnish the Small Church from the donations of the faithful.



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