The truth turned out - Gergely Karácsony fell again

The truth turned out - Gergely Karácsony fell again

Yesterday we wrote an article about the fact that Gergely Karácsony confessed: the capital is minus 150 billion forints. knowing the handover status, this announcement meant that Karácsony HUF 350 billion was pocketed in less than 1 year.
Our article yesterday:

The situation is even more pathetic, as Gergely Karácsony still lied: the State Treasury refuted the 150 billion deficit.

The local government of the capital of Budapest has HUF 134.98 billion in government securities, and its net cash position is more than HUF 27 billion, the Hungarian State Treasury said at the request of MTI on Monday.

According to the information of the State Treasury, the Municipality of Budapest, as the Data Provider, submitted the Public Finance Information (KGR-K11) data collection system operated by the Hungarian State Treasury (MÁK) on 20 July to the II. quarterly interim balance sheet report.

They stated: "Based on the public data contained therein, the Municipality of Budapest has HUF 134.98 billion in government securities, while its net cash position is HUF 27,868 billion".

In an interview with the current M1 channel, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke on Saturday about the need to provide special assistance to taxi drivers, caterers, hoteliers, and those working in the tourism sector in general in Budapest. The Prime Minister called it good news that the capital has more than one hundred billion forints of free funds that it can use for this purpose.

In response to this on Sunday's community page, Mayor Gergely Karácsony wrote that the capital has no money to take over the responsibilities of the government.

‼ ️Summarizing the above: Former Mayor István Tarlós handed over Budapest to Gergely Karácsony with HUF 40 billion and HUF 160 billion of government bonds at the disposal of the capital's local government. In Hungarian, it was HUF 200 billion in the coffers. Today, this amount has dropped "only" by 38 billion forints (38,000 million ... it's creepy to think about!)
The capital did not make any major investments, but did not even launch them.

Instead of meaningful work, there are 4-5 Facebook posts a day, paid by the Metropolitan Municipality instead of "our money" Karácsony, there are insect hotels, lane closures, strange flags, strange marches, public election election database building, "city diplomacy academy" with CEU, stopped developments, homelessness and rubbish everywhere, tales of all sorts of scratches, subsidies from retirees, more than fifty dead and hundreds of dehydrated, neglected and emaciated elderly people in capital-maintained nursing homes.

"Budapest belongs to everyone!" - They lied! Budapest is not for everyone, Budapest is for a small group of friends. To better understand what this is all about, listen to this great summary: "Unusual reading of names" / Csaba Dömötör /

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