Momentum is lying as if it weren’t tomorrow

We expose another lie of the Momentum

Momentum is lying as if it weren’t tomorrow

This is what Momentum writes:
"Hungary has produced the third worst GDP figures in the EU! Europe has been hit by an unprecedented economic downturn, but unlike the government's propaganda, Hungary is unfortunately again among the leaders"

And this is the reality:
Eurostat (, if we look at it, Momentum reason is "Percentage change compared to the previous quarter". that is, they have included a table with data on the change for the previous quarter, but in their heading "compared to the same period last year".
If we look at this, then with a 13.5% decrease in Hungary, the EU decreased by 14.1% on average. So we are better than the EU average on an annual basis.
Gizik is mixed with its steam.

If we look at it, GDP in Hungary decreased even less in the first quarter than elsewhere (both quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year). Because restrictions started earlier in many countries, they ended sooner. For us, it covered roughly the entire second quarter, but that’s just a logical conclusion. So we fell higher, so the difference is bigger.

The chart of the Momentum is false because it shows data calculated for the previous quarter compared to the data shown for the previous year, and they roughly distort the reality, portraying the Hungarian data as a driver of the army.

Of course, we have written on this topic before, here is our article:

We reiterate that 13.5% refers to the second quarter, where the EU average is 14.1%. This will make the full year’s decline much better, we’re betting on 4%. We closed 2019 with 5% growth, and we and leading economic analysts predict growth for 2021 as well.

The fact that the lying writing of Momentum was shared by only 22 in more than 1 day gives some peace of mind. The worst of the roughly 1,800 articles on the Numbers page so far performed better than this

The lie of Momentum:


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