Let's look behind OLAF reports.

Let's look behind OLAF reports.

For several years now, the left-liberal propaganda media have been talking about the same OLAF reports about the extremely high rate of reimbursement that OLAF is proposing for Hungary. But meanwhile, the point is silenced: the high rate comes from a year that can be attributed to former left-liberal governments.

Repetition is the mother of knowledge, which is why we can read annoying articles every year about immeasurable fraud and corruption (1) (2) (3) (4) (5), which of course increased during the Fidesz governments. Or not? Most recently, for the period 2015-2019, it was highlighted that OLAF had made a recommendation for 3.93% of the money paid.

We recently wrote about the latest OLAF report (1), which the left-liberal fictional media definitely wants to focus on the Tiborcz case of Elios (2), although the case of Metro 4, Medgyessy-Gyurcsány-Demszky, which was investigated during this period, is of much greater caliber. . I mean, to the extent of the suspicion of fraud.

We reviewed previous years' reports and found the following refund suggestions:
3.93% for the 5-year period 2015-2019 (6)
3.84% for the 5-year period 2014-2018 (7)
3.92% for the 5-year period 2013-2017 (8)
4.16% for the 4-year period 2013-2016 (9)
3.51% for the 3-year period 2013-2015 (10)
Details in the 2014 statement (11)

The question arises as to whether the proportion of the amount of aid proposed for repayment would be high for each year in the period from 2013 to 2019, or whether one (few) years would stand out from the other insignificant ones. It is difficult to answer the question on the basis of numbers alone, but since even the left-liberal press only discusses one case at a time, but persistently, the latter case may exist. The EU average, meanwhile, can be measured in tenths of a percent. Anyone who is not completely blind may feel that there may be something special here.

Looking at the numbers, the only year common to all the periods mentioned is 2015. If there were a statement for 2013-2014 that shows a low value, we would already be sure of the 2015 highlight. This assumption is further reinforced by the fact that the report on Metro 4, published in 2016, speaks for the period up to 2015 (13) (14) (15). The report revealed irregularities in connection with HUF 167 billion contracts, which provided for the withdrawal of HUF 60-76 billion in payments.

Meanwhile, in the case of István Tiborcz's Elios, OLAF proposed to repay HUF 13 billion (16), ie roughly one-fifth to one-sixth of the amount of Metro 4, which can be linked to left-liberals. Nevertheless, the pseudo-independent media has been roaring and roaring about the Elios affair, so in other eyes they don’t even notice the splinter, the beam in their own.
We do not know which year OLAF calculates for the proportions: payment, investigation, current year, etc. At the same time, we are sure: the demographic 4, which has been downplayed by the liberal Demszky, pushes many times as much as the Elios.


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