Once again, the left-liberal propaganda press is lying about the OLAF report

Here is the reality

Once again, the left-liberal propaganda press is lying about the OLAF report

(A reminder of the confusing affairs of Metro 4 and how István Tarlós completed the unfinished investment left by the left.https://www.magyarhirlap.hu/belfold/20190903-a-szakadek-szelerol-hozta-vissza-tarlos-a-4-es-metrot)

"Hungary has proposed the highest proportion of financial penalties from the Union's Anti-Fraud Office in the last four years," writes Euronews, which, of course, has been taken over by 444, HVG, the index, and other lie factories.

However, it is not described that most of the penalties proposed in the last 4 years were due to contracts for Metro 4 before 2010! So the situation is almost different, right?

For the most part, the union is punishing the country for metro line 4

The opposition press writes about a catastrophic corruption indicator, citing the 2019 annual report of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) published on 10 September. However, according to the report, the Hungarian prosecutor's office prosecuted significantly above the EU average (39 percent), in 47 percent of cases initiated by OLAF, between 2015 and 2019, the Communications and Press Department of the General Prosecutor's Office said on Friday. The communication emphasizes that the number of judicial recommendations sent by the EU office to the Hungarian Public Prosecutor's Office has been steadily declining in recent years, and that a number of judicial recommendations are being made in cases under investigation in Hungary.

OLAF investigates administrative irregularities involving EU funds, does not establish criminal facts and does not carry out criminal evidence. He has neither the authority nor the means to do so. According to the protocol always followed, the Hungarian Public Prosecutor's Office ordered an investigation in all cases following a judicial recommendation from an EU office, and if an investigation was already under way, OLAF's recommendation was attached to and evaluated in the investigation file.

The Prosecutor General's Office points out that in 2019 OLAF made a total of three judicial recommendations to the prosecutor's office. These recommendations have been assessed by the Authority in an ongoing investigation.

The number of judicial recommendations is steadily declining, with 10-10 recommendations received in 2015 and 2016, only six in 2017, four in 2018 and three in 2019.

As a reminder, on 31 January, Péter Polt received the Director-General of OLAF, Ville Itälät, in his office as Attorney General. At the meeting, the parties reaffirmed that effective exchange of information and cooperation between organizations on criminal misuse of EU funds remains a priority. They also agreed to develop a cooperation agreement to further deepen the already well-functioning professional relationship.

After the meeting, Ville Itälä also publicly expressed his satisfaction with its results.

The Hungarian Public Prosecutor's Office and OLAF work closely together, with regular meetings at both managerial and expert levels.

However, Euronews, which reports on the OLAF report, pointed out that the European Anti-Fraud Office had proposed the highest proportion of financial penalties for Hungary in the last four years. 3.93 per cent of Structural Funds and agricultural money payments were found to be problematic. This is more than ten times the EU average, the author of the article writes, but does not add that most of the financial penalties are related to the Metro 4 investment.

The Fidesz-KDNP MEPs also responded to OLAF's annual report. It highlighted that the most serious corruption scandal in the history of Hungary, the case of the investment in Metro 4, was uncovered by OLAF during the period mentioned in the report, among many other abuses before 2010.

The report also includes a 3.93% financial correction rate for Hungary due to the Metro 4 investment and other serious corruption cases identified before 2010, but only in recent years. The responsibility for corruption is clearly and exclusively the responsibility of the socialist-liberal government and the leadership of the capital, they wrote.

The Hungarian Nation wrote in May that the Prime Minister made a report to the General Prosecutor's Office in early 2017 regarding the contracts of Demszky's capital, the most suspicious investment in Metro 4, on the basis of an OLAF report. According to the Office, the case repeatedly involved infringements of the Union's financial interests, dishonesty, fraud, obtaining an undue economic advantage, an agreement restricting competition in public procurement and concession procedures, bribery, embezzlement, tax evasion, trading in influence, suspected breach of accounting rules and falsification of public and private documents. Some of these have not been substantiated, but the German authorities may have further evidence in the case of the divested Siemens contracts. All this was reported in connection with the fact that after two years of investigation, the police closed part of the investigation into the OLAF report in the absence of a crime. The National Bureau of Investigation separated the Siemens contracts case from the main proceedings and stayed the proceedings pending the German reply.

Related to Metro 4 is the Central Investigation Prosecutor's Office accusing the accused of bribery in a criminal case initiated for influencing a public procurement tender for the transport of Alstom metro trains on the M2 and M4 lines. Among them are the former confidants of former Prime Minister Péter Medgyessy, Károly T., W. Vilmots, the CEO of Alstom Power Hungária Zrt., Z. Shahbaz, an American citizen, Kyrill L. of Austria and Géza Terner. According to the indictment, a senior official of the French company Alstom bribed an unknown person or people capable of influencing the result by handing over millions of euros in a public procurement procedure announced in June 2005 during the MSZP-SZDSZ government's tender for the procurement of vehicles for the M2 and M4 metro lines. .

In contrast, Péter Medgyessy, the former prime minister of the MSZP, is also mentioned in the OLAF report on the suspicious transactions of Metro 4, but no criminal proceedings have been initiated against Medgyessy, and the acts charged by OLAF have been lobbying.

The European Anti-Fraud Office is already investigating the left's "camouflage video" for misuse of EU funds, Fidesz's communications director said at a news conference on Saturday. The politician said the scandalous video had piqued the interest of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) because it was suspected that the left had also misused EU money in preparing the material. One of the creators of the video - who was a former journalist of Népszabadság - is an employee paid from EU money: MSZP and István Ujhelyi, an assistant to the European Parliament, István Hollik pointed out.


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