Buses manufactured in Debrecen were handed over in Győr!

A total of 39 new Mercedes-Benz Conecto buses will be used to develop public transport in Győr

Buses manufactured in Debrecen were handed over in Győr!

In the first phase, 17 buses have already been handed over in January, now 16 joints have been handed over, and another 6 joints will arrive soon.
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January delivery:https://youtu.be/wY1BbCCt8JQ

The Shuttle Bus will replace a total of 3,200 buses by 2022. Today’s handover is part of this program. Details:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/255/A_Volanbusz_megujul

Recently, 16 new Mercedes-Benz Conecto G articulated buses arrived in Győr, and soon 6 more of the same vehicles will be enriched by urban public transport. The mayor announced they are reviewing the schedule, for which they are waiting for suggestions from the public

It is memorable that at the beginning of the year, 17 semi-annual Mercedes-Benz 628 Conecto vehicles joined the traffic in Győr. Together with these and the 22 new articulated buses, about 40 percent of the 101-vehicle fleet will be replaced, and the average age of the fleet will decline by seven years.

“We strive to continuously improve public transport in Győr. The arrival of the new buses will ensure a more comfortable journey, and the environmental and traffic technical aspects cannot be neglected either. ” - emphasized dr. Mayor András Csaba Dézsi on Monday, when the vehicles arrived in Győr.

He added that I would like to help improve the quality of public transport not only by updating the vehicle fleet, but also by updating the timetable. "Meanwhile, we also ask bus drivers about their personal experiences and suggestions, which the professionals also take into account during the changes."

The new generation, articulated buses that arrived in Győr have a four-door, three-axle, low-floor design, and thanks to their barrier-free design, they can also be used with wheelchairs and prams. Their air-conditioned cabin offers 37 seats and 84 seats, as well as passenger information displays, on-board cameras and passenger counting. Modern vehicles are powered by an environmentally friendly EURO 6D rated diesel engine.

As we have learned, the first seven buses were already on the market on Monday afternoon, with nine more joining them within days, covering the entire area of ​​the city.

“There was a significant step in public transport in Győr in January, when the 17 new vehicles arrived, as the experience of the last six months is very favorable. With the arrival of another 22 articulated buses, 39 new vehicles are already participating in public transport in Győr, which means a significant change in quality. ” - said Balázs Simon Róbert, Member of Parliament.

Member of Parliament Ákos Kara added that about eighty vehicles perform the task on a daily basis, and in the future the service provider will be able to do this with fifty percent new vehicles. As he said, I want to continue on this path in the future and continue to develop not only in public transport but also in other areas of life.

Csaba Ungvári, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Volánbusz Zrt., Said at the event: .

“Working closely with the municipality, we are modernizing the vehicle fleet in several steps and are confident that an agreement can be reached with the city to purchase additional new buses in the future. We also want to increase the number of our staff: we are constantly looking for applicants among our local bus drivers and technical colleagues to ensure a smooth service. ”

In connection with this, we learned that the Volánbusz recruitment program will take place on Tuesday from 9:30 to 14:00 at the intercity bus station.

Together with the buses that have just arrived, a total of 90 vehicles of the same type will be on sale nationwide by the end of the year. As part of Volanbus’s vehicle rejuvenation program, between the fall of 2018 and the end of 2020, 866 new or novel vehicles will increase travel comfort and thus the level of service in local and intercity bus transportation.

January handover: 17 new Mercedes buseshttps://www.gyorplusz.hu/gyor/uj-buszok-a-gyori-tomegkozlekedesben/
Today's handover: 16 articulated buses:https://www.gyorplusz.hu/gyor/megerkeztek-az-uj-buszok-gyorbe/
6 more articulated buses will arrive within a week.

The Roller Coach will replace a total of 3,200 buses by 2022https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/255/A_Volanbusz_megujul

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