Ákos Hadházy is preparing for street riots, the occupation of MTVA and a coup

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Ákos Hadházy is preparing for street riots, the occupation of MTVA and a coup

According to him, since there are 50,000 police officers in Hungary, he can carry out 100,000 demonstration coups, they can take power by force. This was stated by the anarchist left-liberal representative on Club Radio.

We hear those voices from more and more directions, we see the aspirations on the left that they will not be frightened by anti-democratic means either, if they see that they still do not have enough support (where would it be ...) in the shadow of what is happening in Lebanon and Belarus The lowest of Hungarian political public life has also come out, and they are preparing for a coup, lawlessness, violence and anti-democratic takeover, which obviously requires blood and sacrifices.

We are sending a message to Hadházy: in addition to the 50,000 police officers, hundreds of thousands of Hungarian patriots will defend democracy. There will be no "maidan" here! We will arrest the disruptors and take action against them under applicable law.

Ákos Hadházy
There will be order in Hungary, remember this well! In Hungary, there is a parliamentary election every four years, and for the next four years the government receives a mandate there. There is no other way to do this. If you think you’re playing the Kiev script here, you’re very wrong. You are very, very wrong!

Source: (full sound recording)https://www.klubradio.hu/adasok/hadhazy-akarhany-lista-lehet-amig-nem-akarnak-tenni-szazezren-a-rendszer-ellen-113592

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