The Russians sold ONE BILLION VACCINE in one day

Russophobia is only in the EU, the Russians are being attacked without knowing the vaccine

The Russians sold ONE BILLION VACCINE in one day

Twenty countries around the world have ordered more than one billion doses of the first coronavirus vaccine registered by the Russians.

The first vaccine against the coronavirus was named Sputnik-V, referring to the satellite launched by the Soviet Union in 1957, the first in the world. The vaccine has already been received by President Putin himself and his daughter.

Twenty countries from Latin America, the Middle East and Asia have already ordered the coronavirus vaccine officially registered by Putin on Tuesday. At a conference dedicated to announcing the registration of the vaccine, the CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said all orders to date represent one billion doses.

Kirill Dmitriev stated that for the time being, products made in Russia are used domestically, and portions intended for use in other countries are prepared abroad in cooperation with that country. He also said that Russia is also working on a humanitarian aid program aimed at making the Covid-19 vaccine available in states that cannot afford to make or buy it themselves.

However, unfortunately, there are no European or North American countries among vaccine customers. WHO and EU organizations quickly issued standard anti-Russian statements on the news of the announcement. They claim the vaccine is inappropriate and even downright dangerous. [Anyone who is curious about their usual anti-Russian warfare can read it in one of the mainstream (meaning globalist propaganda) newspapers.] Some say the reason for the ban may be that Russia's untrained anti-virus billionaire Bill Gates is out of reach. And Western puppet governments will want to approve a vaccine made with the help of the globalist elite.

Anyone who follows world politics will not be surprised that Western countries and their world organizations are attacking Russia again, even in the case of anti-epidemic prowess. After all, the Putin-led nation has broken a lot of pepper under the noses of the American and Israeli elites over the past decade. Russia regularly crosses attempts at destabilization led by an international backdrop. In the Middle East, their military actions have defended peace in several countries, and their markedly anti-normalcy policies show an alternative to Western social problems such as Islamization, deviance, and certain criminal tendencies. Therefore, the opposition of the US-EU-Israel alliance has been intensifying for years. If this is the reason for the statements against the vaccine, it is a serious disadvantage for us in the fight against the coronavirus.


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