Hungary's greatest enemy is deified by Népszava

We are not surprised, they were traitors and they remained

Hungary's greatest enemy is deified by Népszava

He deifies Soros, and the government supported by the majority of Hungarian voters is called an enemy by the anti-Hungarian “People's Word”

“Today, György Soros, a ninety-year-old Hungarian-American businessman, is being attacked all over the world for his principles and democratic commitment. We greet you with the following writing, ”writes Népszava

Soros, who has ruined dozens of countries around the world, sponsors civil wars, racial, religious and ethnic cleansing, has a direct bearing on the deaths of millions of people, according to his People's Word, "democratically committed."

Well, there will be no such "democracy" in Hungary, and if they try, Népszava will go from here with the Soros.

Source (strong nerves only)\-\mondja-interjunkban-a-90-eves-soros-gyorgy

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