The Government supports Hungarian youth to an unprecedented extent

(With video, full list)

The Government supports Hungarian youth to an unprecedented extent

Katalin Novák: It is worth studying, working and starting a family in Hungary
Family support, full list:

100,000 baby waiting support, 83,000 TRAFFIC or language exam support so far!

We want it to be good to be young in Hungary, said Katalin Novák, Emmi's Secretary of State for Family and Youth Policy, in her Facebook post on Wednesday.

Katalin Novák reminds that August 12 is World Youth Day, who "are still young girls and boys today, but tomorrow they will be mothers and fathers."

In order to make it good to be young in Hungary today, the government is also trying to help with a number of measures, the Secretary of State pointed out. If young people are talented in something, they can receive support to develop this talent through the National Talent Program, if they want to farm, they can apply for support for young farmers, but they can also receive financial support to become an entrepreneur, the Secretary of State listed.

Katalin Novák also mentioned that hundreds of thousands of young couples have already used the baby waiting support. “We would like as many people as possible to start a family as young as possible,” the Secretary of State emphasized.

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