We are ready for anything, Zsolt!

We are ready for anything, Zsolt!

Zsolt Bayer also indicated: the right will go out if we have to defend Hungary on the street.

In Monday's broadcast of the Press Club, Zsolt Bayer also talked about the need to prepare, from September 2021, in the campaign, the right may take to the streets, if our opposition brings here the violence that is happening in the world, in Europe.

We see the events in Lebanon, in Belarus, we also know the Ukrainian scenario. When the left cannot win in a democratic way because its support is low, violence comes. This will not happen in Hungary, because such attempts will be eliminated primarily by the police, but if necessary, all of them, jointly. In Hungary, we elect a government on a ballot and we will not allow violence. The left always lacks democracy - well, it will be democracy. Choice instead of violence.

Zsolt, we'll all be there if we have to. We will not give Hungary, there will be no Maidan here. There will be order and democracy in Hungary. Anarchy is not.


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