With 1000 shares against the fake news!

With 1000 shares against the fake news!

We’re not just building a Facebook page, we want to create an active, patriotic community. We see that the events taking place around us are getting scarier, the world is turning more and more on its own, and the Hungarian representatives of neoliberal ideas are crossing us, patriots wherever they can.

We will never retaliate, but for the first time we are asking you to share this post with at least a thousand. With a thousand shares, the message reaches roughly 100,000 people, so we can expand our team, the more we become, the more effectively we can take action against lies, slander, false news and external and internal attacks.

We don’t lie to ourselves as independent as index / 444 / hvg lie factories, weGovernment of HungaryWe do not support it, because we believe that the change of attitude that took place 10 years ago, and the direction represented since then, is the only one that serves the national interests of the Hungarians, and Viktor Orbán is the person with whom we can defend our country.

Thank you for supporting our work!
We are not going to participate.
We are going to win!🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺


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