The left opposes the reconstruction of “resorts” in this state

The left opposes the reconstruction of “resorts” in this state


It is now clear why the
complete left, to attack Lake Balaton and tourism!
Olga Kálmán, the latest gyurcsány slave, is so independent and objective that she would protect her own boss with orbital lies in this vile Balaton sale.
To Lőrinc Mészáros, everyone whose heart is Lake Balaton can only be grateful.
The shore of Lake Balaton was not sold by the Orbán government. The state and municipal interests around the lake date back to the 2000s
acquired at the beginning of the year by companies and groups of companies with a confused ownership background, partly of foreign interest, which then made almost none of the promised developments
implemented and only debt
left behind.
The Butcher Group is not the property of the public,
it did not buy Lake Balaton, but the collapsed Lake Balaton portfolio, bringing back the great Balaton development program out of complete hopelessness.
There is another piece of bad news for the lying left: the incorporation of the shores of Lake Balaton
nor did the enabling amendment take place during the Orbán government
-this is badly remembered- but
In 2006, during the Gyurcsány government, with which the above-mentioned owners wanted to allow investments in the whole of Lake Balaton.
The big difference between Lake Balaton and the times before 2010 is that at that time the big entrepreneurs bankrupted their interests at Lake Balaton: empty promises, melting
in the wake of plans, old-time retro campsites, bagpipe-spirited resorts, and hotels in need of long renovation remained.
Now Lake Balaton is being built, the accommodations
they are renewed one after the other and receive the
record number of Hungarian tourists who
After that, the companies operating hotels and campsites pay into the Hungarian state coffers
introduce heavy tax forints.
That is why they envy, incite, spread the
lying news about liquidated free deliveries, a HUF 3,000 flame, because the engine of Hungarian tourism, the safest resort in Europe, is no longer the sight of the Kádár era and has not been the playground of its political heirs since 2010.

_Writing of Magdolna Violin _

The Hungarian opposition is opposed to the reconstruction of "resorts" in this state, to the placement of many working people! They could even have applied for rubbish removal, reconstruction and thousands of jobs!

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