Hate flows from the left (with video)

Hate flows from the left (with video)

Fidesz is responsible for the roughening of public discourse - we have been listening to the left for years. Without claiming completeness, we have bundled the most scandalous opposition manifestations.
János Mécs: My God, that I hate the people of the countryside - Balázs Gulyás: Uneducated, rural, elderly people form the Fidesz camp - Ákos Kertész: The Hungarian genetically subordinate
Szarvas Koppány Bendegúz about the government: The boys work for the lantern

"Send the hell out of all the helicopter, whore, drug addict nobody's houses," shouted Gergely Karácsony, who liked the role of a true Democrat, at his last campaign event. "How is it possible that while Fidesz's support is constantly rising, the MSZP's is constantly decreasing?" - Ildikó Bangóné Borbély, Member of Parliament, was asked on the ATV program, to which the MSZP politician replied: "If I am outspoken: there are many rats in Hungary." And the Momentum Great Blanka released the steam at an opposition demonstration: “A disgusting, insidious, ugly and contagious epidemic is sweeping the country. It’s not the plague, it’s not Ebola, it’s not mad cow disease, though it’s a bit like it. We call this epidemic Fidesz. ” Then he insulted Head of State János Áder with words that did not tolerate printing ink, yelling at him, stepping back and “b… za the face itself with this mustache s… r”.

Ildikó Bangóné Borbély about Fidesz: There are a lot of rats in Hungary

The motto of the left-wing left is that the governments led by Fidesz and Viktor Orbán are responsible for the roughening of public discourse. However, the cases cited also show that hate speech strikes its head much more on the left. This is also interesting because representatives of opposition parties such as the DK, the Liberals, the LMP, the MSZP and the Momentum signed a statement a year ago in which they also undertook to report extremism in the appropriate fora, and they are expected by the state to ensure unconditional equality before the law and before the law. The application of the double standard on their part is also valid in this area. Anti-government public figures and politicians have never been reprimanded by their party, their intellectual moon yard, for their hateful, threatening, or derogatory outbursts. Zero distancing, zero consequence - apart from one or two apologies. It is worth noting that the O1G password, which was flagged in the wake of Lajos Simicska's infamous insult, is claimed by all left-wing parties, as we have seen since the parliamentary and street scandalous actions of late 2018.

Imre László on Hitler in 1938: The work he did so far practically brought about the rise of Germany
Continuing the line, it caused great indignation, of course only on the conservative side, that Ferenc Gyurcsány had fallen as prime minister, after it turned out that the Kossuth Prize-winning director, Attila Vidnyánszky, had become the chairman of the foundation that maintained the University of Theater and Film if he comes to power, he makes the director in every sense. This is, of course, not the first, and presumably not the last, outbreak of the DK President since his speech in the autumn of 2006.

Gyurcsány's party colleague, the mayor of Újbuda, said at a June parliamentary meeting that the dictator of the third empire, Adolf Hitler, had been deservedly elected man of the year in 1938. Imre László put it this way, "the work that the Führer has done so far has practically brought about the rise of Germany, even spectacularly after the world economic crisis". The DK politician apologized for his scandalous reasoning, but the Gyurcsány party and its allies did not distance themselves from it. It didn’t go any different for Momentum either. On the community side, party president András Fekete-Győr called the professors and doctors of hospitals struggling with the coronavirus epidemic “cubicles” and cowards. And to this level, Balázs Gulyás, a film aesthetist close to Jobbik, told a story, saying that “uneducated, rural, elderly people form the Fidesz camp”. Then the other day, Péter Márki-Zay, the mayor of Hódmezővásárhely, continued the line, talking about only the poorest, most uneducated people voting for Fidesz, and the others typically going abroad. They had something to base on: Gábor Bruck, a former SZDSZ adviser, discussed in April this year, referring to supporters of the ruling party in Népszava, that “a large and uneducated voting camp is only excited in its soul that directly affects personal or family safety. That's how we're wired. " According to him, "since 2014, Orbán has only spoken to the crocodile lady."

If we look back even earlier, the scandalous remark of Péter Niedermüller from the DK could also be highlighted in our compilation, which read: migrants, the Roma, I don't know what, then there is a terrifying formation in the middle, these are white, Christian, heretical men - and there are women among them. That is the idea of ​​the family. ”

Péter Niedermüller: Terrifying formations of white, Christian, heterosexual men and women
It is also worth recalling the reasoning of Barnabás Kádár, the founder of Momentum. He is the politician who, for example, wrote in a degrading way about drivers that “the taxi driver will not be a criminal intelligence researcher or a hospital nurse”. In an earlier post, he argued that senior citizens should be deprived of the right to vote because they are casting their votes in the wrong place. And before that, he said: while children born now will be an unnecessary cost to society in the future, illegal immigrants are needed because in thirty years they will be producing pensions.

Speaking of Momentum: one of their politicians, János Mécs, wrote back in 2013 about how much he hated rural people. Specifically, he described, "My God, I hate the rural, though I shouldn't be poor, because I'm liberal and everything, so gay, gypsies, homeless, and otherwise everyone is smart, but I can't get used to the rural."

In addition to recent party-political speakers, it is worth mentioning some left-wing sympathizers who take an active role in shaping public opinion. Gergely Hommonay, who is close to the SE, for example, recently came to the news by saying that it would have been cheaper to pour down the statue of Miklós Horthy with feces. And last summer, he put it this way, “August 20 is approaching, when men in skirts in downtown Pest are singing shitty numbers around a mummified hand, all that can be known for sure is that he had a man who, if he was right-handed, masturbated and wiped his ass (with a leaflet, because there was no toilet paper at the time). Worship ".

Péter Dániel, a left-wing lawyer who escaped to Israel, also likes to pluck the right, for example, he wrote on his Twitter page: “Viktor Orbán's coronavirus is his best friend. They were migrants for a long time, but this epidemic also preceded them. And Viktor Orbán finally got the chance to declare a state of emergency, build a total dictatorship, and settle accounts with his old enemy, Hungarian democracy. ” The former DK, now Momentum Szarvas Koppány Bendegúz said the other day about epidemic treatment: "It's hard to react to this in a salon-like way, I'd rather just say: the boys work for the lantern." A few days ago, the 444, formerly indexed Márton Bede, fascinated the national chief medical officer Cecília Müller with noble simplicity, joining a choir of leftists who insulted one of the key players in the successful defense.

István Vágó: I have a hard time wearing the sight of the Jews in the Kaftan-Shield-Hats
The former quiz master István Vágó, also a gyurcsányist, should not be feared either when it comes to “scratched” remarks. For example, in an earlier Facebook post, the first to be described by our paper, that caused a great scandal, he stated that he had a hard time bearing the sight of the Jews in Kaftan-Pajos-Hat. He did not apologize, and the left-wing public did not rule him out.

Finally, the writer Ákos Kertész, who moved to Canada, cannot be left out of our compilation either. In May, Kertész confirmed his previous statement to the Hírklikk near the MSZP, which read: “The Hungarian is genetically subordinate. The Hungarian does not feel a spark of remorse for even the most serious historical sins, he passes everything on to others, he always points to something else, he happily rumbles in the puddle of dictatorship, he grunts and swallows the snuff, and he does not want to know that he will be stabbed. ”


If someone awkward wouldn’t recognize these people, pictured:
- Peter Niedermüller
- Imre László
- Ildikó Bangóné Borbély
- Deer Koppány Bendegúz
- István Vágó
- Ákos Kertész
- Daniel Peter
- Ágnes Kunhalmi
- Gergely Hommonay
- Klára Dobrev
- János Mécs
- Barnabás Kádár
- Cseh Katalin
- Tamás Soproni
- Péter Márki-Zay
- András Fekete-Győr
- Ferenc Gyurcsány
- Lajos Simicska
- Gergely Karácsony

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