"It reassures that the country has a competent, determined and strong leadership" / Péter Boross /

"It reassures that the country has a competent, determined and strong leadership" / Péter Boross /

"Illegal migration is extremely harmful"
National Consultation 2020. Péter Boross on the protection of Hungary against the coronavirus: It reassures that the country has a competent, determined and strong leadership.

It is an outstanding achievement that 1.4 million people have already filled in the questionnaire of the national consultation - Péter Boross said in an interview with our newspaper. The Prime Minister of Hungary, who reigned between 1993 and 1994, underlined that he considers the most important of the issues on the list to be those related to illegal migration.

- Which issue of the national consultation do you consider to be the most burning?

- The one that deals with immigration. Illegal migration is an extremely harmful process. It does not take a great deal of combining ability to see to what extent it would go on as it did in 2015, to what extent it would redraw the image of Western Europe or even our own country.

- Is the expulsion of unauthorized applicants not a solution?

"It belongs in the world of fairy tales, even in Germany."

- Migration has taken place before.

- This is true, but in the past, people who lived their lives along similar principles have basically migrated between European countries. They were not motivated by cultural and religious differences to change existing relationships by force, but by understanding the customs, religion, and values ​​of the recipients. This is not the case with the masses of illegal migrants, they only want to live well because it is “for them”. Western Europe is now showing a rather sad picture in this regard.

- What do you think about the epidemic measures?

- I am infinitely pleased and reassured that the country has a competent, determined and strong leadership. And as I see it, the vast majority of the population shares this view.

- The left disputes that.

- Unfortunately, the activities of today's opposition are most reminiscent of the terrible reign of Mihály Károlyi. Instead of determination, their minds are on destruction, and it is terrifying and sad at the same time. And that is utterly depressing, as some villains who think of themselves as publicists have spoken out - about Cecilia Müller, for example. The measures can be criticized, as we can hardly find two identical professional positions here. But the Chief Medical Officer’s work ethic, his devotion to the cause, his intention to improve, don’t let me mock God’s age, well, I think that’s, to put it mildly, amazing.

- Are the 1.4 million responses returned so far many or few?

- I consider it an outstanding achievement that 1.4 million people have so far posted a completed questionnaire for the national consultation. Think about when a statistical survey draws such a huge amount? If a company collects, say, ten thousand representative responses on behalf of someone, the customer can already be happy. And here we are talking about well over a million responses! Nor should it be forgotten that most survey companies focus on Budapest, where, due to political conditions, we cannot really get an accurate picture of the issues that really concern citizens and the answers that can be given to them. That’s why I trust the countryside, where people have kept their sanity more than in the capital. But there is another important phenomenon here, namely the endless opposition malice that encourages the theft and destruction of arches. Incidentally, by no means incidentally, this also shows that they are completely unfit to lead this country. If they really were on the ground of democracy, they would encourage their believers to respond rather than “absorb” the arches.


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