Thousands of people at the Nyíregyháza Zoo: deep poverty is raging

Thousands of people at the Nyíregyháza Zoo: deep poverty is raging

No one should believe that there are crowds only on Lake Balaton and the waterfront. Two of our editors visited the Nyíregyháza Zoo with their families today and experienced the following:

- The zoo is one of the largest in Hungary, the development resources have apparently been used well, and the slogan "investing in the future" on the board really proves itself.
- There was no free space in the parking lot, which was sized for hundreds of cars, the guests were already parking on both sides of Sóstói út for hundreds of meters.
- Although it is not cheap to enter in Hungary (9-10 thousand forints for a family of 4) the money is apparently used well by the operator, as the animals are kept in order, they have huge catwalks, in some cases (eg bears) a one-hectare forest available to them.
- Despite the relatively expensive entrance fee, it seems to be no problem to pay for the tickets, as we wrote, not only was the parking lot full, but cars parked on both sides of the main road in the vicinity of the zoo for hundreds of meters
- In the area of ​​the zoo, the prices are moderate, 600 forints for a chimney cake, 350 for a coffee, 350 for a bottle of soft drinks, 300 for a scoop of ice cream.

Many thousands of "Lőrinc" enjoy the annual developments in the Nyíregyháza Zoo with state support. This is a place worth returning to because there is always something new, something interesting. The mass seen also confirms this.

Instead of fake news, let’s believe in our own eyes.
Hajrá Hungary, Hajrá Hungarians!🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺

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