Compatibility of work and childbearing

10 Years of Civil Governance - Part 15

Compatibility of work and childbearing

The Perspective Institute continues the topic of social security as follows:
“The compatibility of work and childbearing has come to the fore again. To ensure day care for children, the number of crèches increased from 668 to 765 and the number of beds from 32,516 to 40,648 between 2010 and 2018. In addition, the amount of childcare allowance has more than tripled since 2010, from HUF 27 billion to HUF 87 billion, and children in need receive free meals during holidays. ”

In 2019, there were already 41,205 beds available in 789 nurseries. If 214 mini-crèches, 918 family crèches and 9 work crèches are included, there were already 48,702 beds available in 2019 (1).

“The program item on the promotion of part-time employment enabling children to take part in work was realized in the Gyed extra, among other things, and it became possible to work with care (gyed, gyes) from the age of six months, and , gyed, gyes). Entitlement to a gyed is open to mothers in higher education (graduate gyed) and to the gyed for three years instead of two in the event of the birth of twin children. From 2013, the pedagogical professional service system, which has so far performed eight tasks, has been expanded with two new functions, school and kindergarten psychological care has been launched in all counties, as well as the care of highly talented children and students. ”

The pre-2010 left-liberal government reduced the duration of the GYES from 3 to two (2), which was reinstated by Fidesz-KDNP. The maximum amount of GYED increases dynamically, since we are talking about the amount tied to the minimum wage (3).

From 2020, the Grandparents' GYED was introduced, which provides an opportunity for a grandparent active in the labor market to remain at home with his or her child under very favorable conditions until the age of two, up to the age of three in the case of twins (4).

From the 2013 school year onwards, they must employ students in primary schools for at least 16 hours (in addition to homework, professional circles, sports, play in the yard, etc.) and provide supervision for pupils until 17 hours (5). This measure greatly contributes to the compatibility of work and parenting.

These (6) include taxation (7), housing (8), textbooks (9), meals, etc. Momentum (10) and the other waste parties are reluctant to take on a child.



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